Wednesday, February 11, 2009

oops, i did it again!

These are Melody's shoes. You're probably wondering why I'm posting a picture of Melody's shoes without Melody in them. The answer is because she's at school. Yes, it's true. Melody is at school without her shoes! The sad thing is that this is not the first time I've sent a child to school shoe-less. Back in the beginning of the year, as Jack as getting out of the car, his teacher noticed he was without shoes! I was 9 months pregnant so at least I had an excuse for my absentmindedness, but there's really no good excuse this time!


Krystyn said...

Poor Melody...hopefully, they don't go outside.

Izzy wouldn't let me forget shoes. She's all about the accessories!

(But, she does have a backup pair at school. Although, I'm sure they are way too small)!

Lauren said...

Maybe you should send a back up pair to school with your kids too! I think 3 kids is a good excuse for absentmindedness!