Monday, February 16, 2009

oh the things they'll say

My kids have been saying some pretty funny things lately. Melody will say, "wha' happened?" whenever some change or unexpected event occurs. For example, the other day I turned off the TV and she looked at me and said, "Wha' happened?!" It's absolutely hilarious and she sounds just like this guy from A Mighty Wind. Alex and I think of that movie now every time she says, "Wha' happened?"

Instead of asking, "What is that?" she will say, "You know what that is?" She says this when she wants to know what something is or when she wants to tell you what something is. Her little voice is so cute asking it!

Jack can be pretty funny himself. The other day, on the way to a friend's house, I was punching in the gate code to their gated community and Jack asked, "Mom, why do we have to pay to get into this neighborhood?" Hilarious!

Charlie is trying to keep up by keeping up a constant stream of babbling all the time...I can only imagine the funny things he'll say one day!


Pam said...

The "entry fee" to your friend's neighborhood is a priceless thought that only a child could come up with!

I just love the innocence of our kids. One day they'll be grown and don't see those "funny" things anymore. Makes me sad to think about it.

Krystyn said...

Poor Charlie...he'll never get a chance to say anything.