Tuesday, June 30, 2009

True Story Tuesday - Melody and the diaper disaster.

I decided to join in on the fun this week. Go check out Once Upon A Miracle for more True Story Tuesday.

What I'm about to post here is a true story. No, I'm not particularly proud of it and it's not one of my finest parenting moments, but it's pretty fitting considering my
post from yesterday.

Last week, when Melody awoke from her nap, I noticed her diaper was still dry. Obviously, I didn't change it but made a mental note to change it after her snack.

We had our snack and then jumped in the car to run some errands that should take about 20 minutes but will take a minimum of an hour loading and unloading three children numerous times quick errands.

Just as I bucked Melody in, I remembered I hadn't changed her diaper. I quickly felt it and realized it still wasn't that wet and decided I would change it when we got back.

After coming home and unloading a few groceries, etc, I went upstairs to start dinner. The kids were happily playing on the deck. Alex got home from work and changed clothes for his new evening ritual; taking the kids and the dog for walk.

About 20 minutes later, they walked back in the house.

"Melody's going commando." Alex told me.

"Why?" I seriously hadn't the faintest idea.

"We were walking and all of a sudden Melody said, 'there's something wrong with my diaper!' I turned around and half of her diaper had come undone and the other half had fallen down on one of her ankles!"


I think a sign of potty-training readiness is when the parent is pretty much unwilling to change the child's diaper!

Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm going to take the plunge

For a few months now, people (and by people I mean my mom) have been bugging me about when I'm going to potty train Melody.

I have decided to do it at the end of July. It will
be a good time then. Jack is in camp for two weeks, has a week off, and then starts K-5 so we'll be home a lot.

I don't know why I am so nervous. I've already potty trained one child. Although he is a boy and he was already 3. Melody is a girl and will just be 2.5 at the end of July. I had one failed attempt with Jack at 2.5 and retrained at 3. I guess I'm just nervous about history repeating itself.

Also, I have concerns about public restrooms. O
ne of the biggest benefits of a boy is that he can use the restroom without having to actually touch anything. And, in the event that there's no restroom but let's say a tree, we're still OK. I mean, I've even pulled over on the side of the interstate and opened the door and let Jack just hang over the edge. I won't have those luxuries with Melody.

So, does any one have any good tips on training a girl? What do I need to know when we leave the house? What do I need to have with me?

I'm ready to go from this

to this.

I just hope Melody is willing!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

birthday party fun!

Although Jack's birthday was a few weeks ago, we finally had his party yesterday.

He wanted a baseball theme and invited a few friends from school.

Even though it was hot, we had a nice breeze and everyone had a great time.

We had corndogs and crackerjacks for lunch and baseball cupcakes as well.
Here's Jack blowing out the candles...

...and Melody thoroughly enjoying her cupcake.

Jack has received a John Deere toy every year and this year was no exception. (Thanks, Cade!)He also got a lot of fun books, a puzzles and many games we've enjoyed playing all weekend!

They got a good baseball game going.
Jack created a baseball player out of a traced version of himself and they had a fun game of trying to throw the baseball into the glove.

This is Jack's friend, Brad. He's going to be a professional ball player when he grows up. I'm not kidding. The kid is g.o.o.d. Check out that form!
They got to make their own pennants.

And after all that baseball fun, they went off to find acorns and rolly-polys.

Here was the family picture we took.

Which was a little bit different from last year at this time!

Happy Birthday, Jack! As he told me today, "Being 5 is fun!"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

PSF - has she mastered the trike or did the trike master her?

Like I mentioned last week, Melody has been working on pedaling for a while now. It took some time for her short little legs to get long enough to even reach the pedals. But now that she has mastered it, there's pretty much no stopping her.

Unless, of course, this happens.

I know it looks bad, but don't worry, she wasn't hurt.

In fact, after one big "waaa!" she got right back on.

"You're a tough cookie", I told her.

"Nooooo, (laughing) I just Mel-dee-dee and I a big gu-rl," she replied.

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And in other news, what do you think of my new blog look?
I have Krystyn over at Krizzy Designs to thank for that. Go and check her out. Her blog designs are cool and her announcements are adorable!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ww - look who thinks he's such a big kid!

I just can't let it go

Ok, I'm sorry, but I just can't let it go. I have to vent talk about the Bachelorette!

Warning: spoiler ahead! If you watch Bachelorette but haven't seen last night's episode, skip the next paragraph.

Ok, so, I am so beyond ticked off that Jillian kicked off Jake! I mean, come on! Does it sound like a good idea to anyone to kick off a guy who Jillian said herself is "perfect"? Jake has integrity, is industrious, compassionate, a good listener, and HOT beyond belief. Um, hello! I totally am Team Jake for the next Bachelor.

This season is just a train wreck. Ok, in all honesty they all have been train wrecks with the exception of Ryan and Trista. Which brings me to my idea...

The Bachelors and Bachelorettes have obviously been making poor decisions and choices. Out of however many seasons only one has been able to make the relationship last more than a few months.

In watching this season and last season with Jason, I have realized that they are focused on the wrong issues and ask the wrong questions. For example, Jillian is all concerned about someone being "adventurous" and "spontaneous". Yet, she wants a family and children soon. Sadly, those things don't mix. There's really nothing adventurous about changing diapers. And it's hard to be spontaneous when your baby needs to eat every three hours. She needs to be focused on what type of career her potential spouse has and how he feels about his career. She also needs to ask about his family values, religious beliefs, and parenting thoughts.

And while on the surface she seems to be concerned about compatibility, when push comes to shove, she's all about "the spark" Last night she even said to Reid, "I am concerned that we don't have that much in common but I can't deny there's a spark". Um, again, HELLO! That "spark" is not going to be there forever, Jillian. And when it's gone you're going to be left with a guy who has a completely different lifestyle from you. Then what? Splitsville.

So, that's the problem with the show. What can we do to fix it?

Simple; bring in a marriage counselor. I haven't thought as far as to how it would affect each episode, but the basic premise is that on every one on one date, a counselor would be there for part of it. Their job would be to guide the questions to be applicable to real life and help them focus on the issues that truly affect relationships/marriage. I also think that the Bachelorette or Bachelor needs to have one on one sessions with the counselor to help them sort out their feelings. I mean, how many times have we heard Jillian say, "I'm just so confused right now." Or, "I didn't realize this would be so hard." I don't think her little chats with Chris are cuttin' it.

Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest.

Don't even get me started on Jon and Kate.

Monday, June 22, 2009

blowing blocks

I'm not really sure why, but for some reason, Charlie thought this was absolutely hilarious. He can laugh at whatever he wants; I just love hearing that baby giggle.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my fabulous husband and the guy who's the


father to

(Jack - 4 hours old)

every single one

(Melody - 1 hour old)

of these adorable babies!

(Charlie - 2 hours old)


And a Happy Father's Day to those babies' grandfathers.
We love you Granddaddy, Captain, and GrandpaLinn.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

VBS - It call comes back to Jesus!

Jack had an absolute blast this week at Vacation Bible School at Vinings Lake Baptist Church. He was excited to go every morning and every day came home singing all his songs, complete with hand motions!

This was one of his favorites; "He's My Friend"

This is the other one he loved; "It all comes back to Jesus". Notice how he's singing "woo-woo-a-express". The real words are Boom-er-ang Express but when we told him that he said, "Then why do they say woo-woo-a-express?" Ha!

And on family night they got to see all kinds of Australian animals. Jack was amazed that they were all real! Here he is describing what he saw. My favorite is when he shows us how the Cucaburra look at people.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

PSF - oh for the love of John Deere!

I have mentioned before about Jack's love of all things John Deere. In fact, I would go as far as to say it's as bad as my Twilight obsession. Maybe worse. Ha! Who am I kidding!? There's nothing worse than my Twilight obsession.

Oh, Edward, perfect, Edward.

Oh, wait, what was I talking about.

Jack and John Deere. Right. In fact, he asked me the other day if I named him John Marc (his real name) after John Deere. For the record, no, I did not. He wished I had.

He has had much John Deere appar
el over the past few years. Hats. Shirts.

Several shirts, to be precise.
Even a John Deere themed birthday party.
Don't even get me started on all the small and large tractors, farm equipment, etc, that graces our home.

And now our other precious son has joined the "I heart any and all things John Deere" Club.

He was initiated just the other days as he donned his very first John Deere shirt.

He could not be more excited, in case you wondered.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

oh, I'm so honest, er, honored...

to have this award bestowed upon me twice!

Thanks to new bloggy friends Goodbye Martha and Musing of Mommy Dearest for thinking I'm so honest. I sure hope I don't dro
p this! (haha, just a little Twilight humor.)Now, in order to honestly accept this award, I have to confess (I know, not again!) 10 things about myself.

I'm going to try and be really brutally honest this time...

1. I have always lied about my weight on my drivers license. Not by much though. Just enough to make me feel good.

2. In high school I threw an unsupervised huge bash small gathering that accidentally got way out of hand and got busted big time. After my parents calmed down a bit and weren't quite as furious with me my dad told me that he also threw a party in high school when his parents were out of town. This did not make me feel better. Just inferior.

3. I am not a big fan of women police officers. Sorry to offend anyone who is a police officer or does not feel this way. I think certain positions are great for women (like a detective or something) but it just doesn't seem logical that if some guy grabs my purse, runs and is then pursued by a woman that she's going to catch them. I just feel safer if I know a bunch of men are protecting me.

4. I have gotten not one but two speeding tickets at this one speed trap near my house. And, I kid you not, the cops sit in a Dunkin' Donuts parking lot! Literally the dude's partner came out of DD with a bag of donuts while the dude was writing me a ticket. No, neither of them were women.

5. I love that reality show Beauty and the Geek and am so bummed it's not on anymore. I also love Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. I also love Brett Michaels. And Stephen Tyler, but he's not on a reality show.

6. I still totally love to listen to Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.

7. I think my wedding is the best wedding I've ever been too.

8. I was a little, itty-bitty, teeny-tiny bit disappointed when I found out that Charlie was going to be a boy. Now, of course, I'm beyond thrilled with my two handsome boys and one adorable little girl and wouldn't change a single thing.

9. Sometimes I slouch and it totally drives me nuts but I cannot seem to get in the habit of always standing and sitting up straight.

10. I am so proud of myself for making this whole list without once referring to how much I love Edward. Oh, shoot, well, almost!

Whew! How's that for honestly?

Alright, here's 10 people I'm passing this award on to...that is if they are gutsy enough to accept!

Kelli @ Random Thoughts of a Supermom
Lauren @ Snellings Stories
Pam @ Twenty Little Piggies
Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings
Jen @ Buried With Children
Kat @ Seeking Sanity
Jill @ Sneaky Momma
Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?
Carrie @ Martin Mannor Happenings
Mandy @ Idealist Meets Reality

Enjoy your award, girls! Y'all absolutely deserve it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ww - bubble fun on a summer night

Charlie's view

The other day, the kids and I were outside eating dinner. Well, Charlie and I were eating dinner. Jack and Melody were engaged in their favorite past time. They were bickering over everything. Who could take a bigger bite. Who made the biggest bubbles. Who was better at jumping. (In case you haven't figured this out, Jack was instigating all of this).

Their conversation would basically go something like this;
Jack: Melody, I can take a bigger bite than you.
Melody: No Jack. I take a bigger bite.
Jack: No, Melody, watch.
Melody: NOOOOOOOO I don't want to!
Jack: Mom! Melody's not watching me!
Melody: I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want to!

You get it...

Charlie, however, was just cracking me up.

He looked from Jack

To Melody
All while calmly eating. It was like he couldn't understand why in the world they wanted to do anything other than eat. I kind of felt the same way.

Monday, June 15, 2009

it's time to confess

It's Friend Makin' Monday again over at Kasey's. Todays topic is *gulp* confessions *gulp*. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to totally come clean, but here it goes....

1. I have a
major weakness for chocolate. I keep several a hidden stash and permit myself to have multiple chocolate fixes every day. It's like a drug to me.

2. You might have guessed (if you recognized that last line or have ever read my blog before), but I totally love
love LOVE Edward. He's better than a drug to me. This isn't really a confession though...I'm usually pretty up front about my feelings regarding Edward Cullen.

3. I let my children cry it out and sometimes let them fuss when I think they just didn't sleep long enough. For the record, sometimes they will fall back asleep.

4. I buy way too many shoes. (I have no intention of stopping.)

5. I buy way too many purses. (I have no intention of stopping.)

6. I am madly in love with Edward.

7. Sometime I let my kids watch TV if I need to do something. You know, like blogging. (SuperWhy is currently on.)

8. I totally love raunchy, inappropriate TV and movies.

9. I procrastinate but then get angry when my husband other people in my life procrastinate.

10. I would totally run away with Edward.

Whew! That was rough. But now it's mostly all out in the open! Head on over to All That Is Good for some more Friend Makin' Monday!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

busy weekend and some body art

We have had a pretty busy weekend. I should say I have had a busy weekend. Busy, you know, caring for my three children. My husband on the other hand, has been relaxing. Well, only if you call Happy Hour and then a friendly poker game on Friday followed by a fun wedding sans wife and children on Saturday relaxing. I do. Well, maybe not poker, but definitely the rest.

Despite our lack of Daddy time this weekend, the kids and I managed to have fun on our own. Jack and I went to a birthday party on Saturday. It was at a miniature golf course and Jack had a complete blast.

We used some of our free time to work on F
ather's Day presents as well as playing with markers.

Melody is a particularly big marker fan.
Body art is her specialty. Literally when she gets a marker the first thing she does is draw on herself. I cannot imagine why she finds this appealing and I can only hope tattoos are not in her future.

She made the hat herself as well.Hmmm, I guess I should just be thankful she doesn't lick them or something. Along with the marker fun, Melody has also finally mastered pedaling on her tricycle. This is something she has been working on for a while. And now that she can finally do it, it's all she wants to do. Literally, from morning to night, all I hear is "I wanna ride mah bike!" Unless of course I pull out the markers.

I have a video of said bike riding that I will post in a day or so. You won't want to miss it.

I also spent some time testing paint colors on the wall. We are having our family room painted this week. I am thrilled since
I spend a lot of my time in there and have never liked the wall color. It's currently a very boring beige that makes the room seem rather dark and dull. I have chosen a creamy yellow instead. I cannot wait to have it finished.

Last but not least we enjoyed a little time with Captain and P3 this weekend. We affectionally refer to P3 as p-parazzi in our family due to her extreme picture taking love of photography. She does take the best pictures and it's wonderful to know that my children's lives are well documented. Yes, I know I take a lot of pictures, but P3 is extrememely talented and has
an amazing camera. Her pictures basically rock. Jack, who is working on mastering the art of fine photography, wanted to put P3 in front of the camera for a change and took a few pictures for us. We posed per his instructions and he turned out to be a pretty good photographer.
When I commented on what a good picture he took and how good a photographer he is becoming, he responded with, "I'm good at everything now that I'm 5!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

PSF - at least she wants to be well dressed

It's been quiet for quite a few minutes in my house.

That means that Melody is up to something.

When I find her I ask, "What are you doing in here?"

"Just lookin' for som-pin to wee-ahh, Mama!" was her reply.

You silly, sweet little girl!

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