Monday, September 30, 2013

A correction, an update, and a birthday

First the correction: I got a call from my dad the other day.  He called to comment on my recent post about our food issues.  He wanted to let me know that it was him and not my mom who thought of the list idea.  So, I now stand corrected.
However, unlike my mom or dad, I had the foresight to write the list down.  So, unlike my brothers and I, my children cannot claim different items on their list depending on what is being offered at meal times.
This leads me into my update:  I had told my children that every three months we would update our list.  So, we updated yesterday.  Here are their new lists.  As you can see, Charlie finally realized I was not going to force him to drink sweet tea and added actual food items on to his list.

Yes, I also think it's totally bizarre that he does not like French Fries.
And, finally, we had a birthday in the family!  Last Thursday, this handsome guy...
turned 5!!
A birthday party post will come soon, with lots and lots of pictures, but for now, this is all you get.
It's Monday, yo.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

supper time battles

Is there a mom on the planet that hasn't experienced the supper time battles?
Y'all know what I'm talking about.  It's when you put anything that's not a chicken nugget, bagel bite, or waffle on their plate and they whine about it.
A few months ago, I pretty much reached my breaking point on this. I was over the whining. I was over the bribing them to try food. I was over just letting them not eat and then having to throw food away.
In one of my brief and rare moments of clarity, I remembered a trick my mom used with my brothers, who were also picky eaters.
Don't you love those moments when you realize your mom really does have all the answers!?
So, I sat down and let each child pick three foods they didn't like and I would never make them eat. 
It's interesting to see their lists.  Jack wrote his own; shepherd's pie, chicken divan, and microwave tacos.  There went two of my staples.  And I guess I'll have to stop being lazy and actually cook the quesadillas on the stove from now on.  Melody picked all fruit.  I think she was having an off day.  And Charlie just generally likes to eat (Clearly he gets that from me) and had to resort to beverages.
Let me tell you...this has worked like a charm.
I started kind of slow.  For the first week or two, I would always pair something new or previously disliked/rejected with a staple I knew they would eat.
At the beginning, there was a little whining and I would just say (sometimes more than once), "I'm sorry, but that's not on your list."
Yes, this took patience and, even more importantly, consistency.
Guess what eventually happened?
They stopped whining and now they just eat it.
Yep. Just like that.
Disclaimer: If it's a new food or something I knew they won't be crazy about, I will only put 2-4 bites on their plate.  This way it isn't overwhelming to them to have to eat a whole plateful of something.
Also, I let them update their lists every few months.  After all, their taste change and food choices change.  I'm not going to be serving up blackberries in the dead of winter, so it's silly for Melody to have something on her list that's not available anyway.
Have you experienced supper time battles in your house?
What have you found that works?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Best Day Ever!!

In the fall, our weekends are pretty busy.  Between birthday parties, gymnastics, the boys' flag football games, SEC football games, etc, it seems we are always on the go. 
This weekend, we had a semi-reprieve from all the busyness.  No birthday parties on Saturday and Melody's gymnastics was cancelled due to a meet being held at the gym. 
So, the only big event on our calendar was the boys' regularly scheduled football games combined with their team photos being taken.  Since Melody and I had no real part in that we decided to treat ourselves to a little girl time.
We road tripped it to Auburn for the day for some mommy/daughter bonding (which means we had a great time shopping at the cute stores in Auburn) and some AUBURN football!
Melody is, by far, my favorite shopping partner.  She always tells me I look great and encourages me to buy whatever I like.

After lunch at an Auburn favorite, Momma G's, we joined up with friends for some fun tailgating.  And what is tailgating without some tree climbing?

We meet up with friends for Tiger Walk.
And we went to the game.  I had no idea Melody was so into football.  She was captivated by the game. And her popcorn, chips, cotton candy, and strawberry frozen lemonade.  Don't judge. I only got her the popcorn.  She just so cute, all the people we were with just wanted to treat her to all kinds of things!
But, seriously.  She watched the whole game.  Asked questioned.  Cheered like crazy.  When we left, and before she crashed in the car, she proclaimed this the

Best Day Ever!!!

 I think that about sums it up.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Last First...

Day of Preschool!

Last Tuesday morning, after dropping Jack and Melody off at school, Charlie and I headed out for a special treat...
What's the occasion?
It was his last first-day-of-preschool!
Charlie is following in his sister and brother's footsteps and is a Zebra this year with our very favorite teachers, Ms. Catherine and Ms. Dale.
He is super excited!
Additionally, since his name begins with a letter near the top of the alphabet, he was also the leader on the third day of school.  The leader is not merely the line leader, but also says the date, holds the flag while the pledge is recited, and does the weather.  The highlight of one's leader day is the toy.  The leader is allowed to bring a toy from home, show it to his/her classmates and then answer three questions about the toy. 
You can only image how Charlie felt on Thursday!  
(Ok, he was way more excited than that! I just think this picture is hilarious. He only allows me to take one picture before he gets annoyed and this is his "I'm too cool to have my mom take my picture" look.)
Yep! His last year of preschool is off to a great start.