Monday, September 16, 2013

Best Day Ever!!

In the fall, our weekends are pretty busy.  Between birthday parties, gymnastics, the boys' flag football games, SEC football games, etc, it seems we are always on the go. 
This weekend, we had a semi-reprieve from all the busyness.  No birthday parties on Saturday and Melody's gymnastics was cancelled due to a meet being held at the gym. 
So, the only big event on our calendar was the boys' regularly scheduled football games combined with their team photos being taken.  Since Melody and I had no real part in that we decided to treat ourselves to a little girl time.
We road tripped it to Auburn for the day for some mommy/daughter bonding (which means we had a great time shopping at the cute stores in Auburn) and some AUBURN football!
Melody is, by far, my favorite shopping partner.  She always tells me I look great and encourages me to buy whatever I like.

After lunch at an Auburn favorite, Momma G's, we joined up with friends for some fun tailgating.  And what is tailgating without some tree climbing?

We meet up with friends for Tiger Walk.
And we went to the game.  I had no idea Melody was so into football.  She was captivated by the game. And her popcorn, chips, cotton candy, and strawberry frozen lemonade.  Don't judge. I only got her the popcorn.  She just so cute, all the people we were with just wanted to treat her to all kinds of things!
But, seriously.  She watched the whole game.  Asked questioned.  Cheered like crazy.  When we left, and before she crashed in the car, she proclaimed this the

Best Day Ever!!!

 I think that about sums it up.