Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have a Very Pony Birthday!

Last month our little Melody turned 4.  We (coincidentially) had 4 celebrations for her fourth birthday as well.  She celebrated with two of her three sets of grandparents as well as a celebration at preschool.

She was thrilled to wear her birthday crown all day!

Her party was a My Little Pony party where Melody and four of her friends went and rode real ponies.  Melody was mildly disappointed that the stables weren't actually in Ponyville but got over it and had a blast on Amadaeus!

Her present from Mommy and Daddy was almost as cool as a pony.

Happy (belated) birthday to our sweet four year old!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

Alex went to Donuts for Dad's a few weeks ago at Jack's school.

All the kids drew a picture of their dad for the ocassion.

This was Jack's.

(sorry for the poor was taken with a cell phone.)

No, I'm not sure who's dad that is either.


In other news. Yes, I'm back.  No, I don't know where I went.  We got a new computer (and I got an ipad!) so between just a lot of busy-ness going on and getting the new computer set up (which left me without a computer for a few days) I've just gotten really behind.

We'll see how long I stay on top of things this time.  I have several posts drafted.  After all, I know you are all dying to hear about Melody's 4th birthday and what Alex and I did for Valentine's day.  Right?  Right!?

Well, stay tuned.  Lot's of information coming your way soon!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Knocked Out Tooth

I don't know about your kids, but the first three teeth Jack lost took forever to fall out.

No, not because they took a while to loosen up

but because even though they were hanging by teeny tiny threads, Jack was still terrified to pull them out.

Until Saturday.  His top teeth had been moderately loose for a while.  And then we had a little accident.

Here's Jack's version, complete with original 6-year-old sound effects.

I guess it's only fair that Captain knocked out Jack's tooth...after all knocked out Captain's tooth with a golf club many years ago!