Wednesday, February 11, 2009

major mommy guilt

Ok, World's Worst Mommy Award go to me today. I feel so bad. Not only did I send my child to school without shoes, but I apparently sent her sick! I know, I know, Mom...don't say it! In my defense, she seemed to be feeling much better this morning. She was playful when she got up. She ate a huge bowl of oatmeal. And then, the clincher, when I told Jack it was time to get ready for school, she started jumping up and down saying, "I go school too! I go school too!". No fever, no coughing, so I sent her. They called around 10:45 and said that she just wanted to be rocked and snuggled and wanted her mommy. And so I went and picked up my poor shoeless child. Who, by the way, was thrilled that she got to take the little blanket they snuggled her with home with her. Yep, my mommy guilt is pretty much off the chart today!
However, sick or not, nothing stopped Melody from polishing off the Valentine lollipop her teacher, Ms Tabby, gave her! But, really, who doesn't want a lollipop when they are sick?


Mommy Memories said...

Sorry about M and your mommy guilt ! R and M are fine, R's is allergy/airway and on the way out and M is a cold. They both have clear lungs and ears, woo hoo! R got a new breathing med and different dosage. He behaved SO well that alone was worth the dr visit. Miss you guys, take care. Steph

Krystyn said...

Hope she gets to feeling better soon!

Lauren said...

Poor Melody! Give her some extra snuggles from Aunt Lauren!

Boom said...

Hey Emily! I'm busy catching up on your blog this morning. Makes for a great valentine's day, right?

Anyhoo....LOL about sending your kid to school without shoes. That's actually something I haven't done yet. Which is definitely shocking!!?