Tuesday, February 3, 2009

boy or girl?

Anyone who knows me IRL, knows that it irritates me to no end when people call my sweet little Melody a boy. Well, after a trip to the park with Lauren and her girls, I realize that I probably should put Melody in a little more pink sometimes. Notice Libby and Emma Jane in their cute little pink and white fleeces and coordinating hats. And then there's Melody with her brown jacket, that was once Jack's, and her blue Auburn hat, also once Jack's. Hmmm...the picture really says it all.

n't worry Mom, I promise I will not be putting Melody in any more of Jack's hand-me-downs!

Here are a few pictures of the girls playing

And one of Charlie...his hat kept slipping over his eyes


Grammy said...

Thank you Lauren for showing Emily the difference it makes with clothes. Lauren, your little girls are cute.
You look good in your picture too, Emily!!

Lauren said...

No problem, Grammy! Although if HaleyAliceJohnEdward ends up being a boy, I will have to be careful not to dress him in a hand-me-down pink jacket! And Em, people call EJ a boy all the time! I think some people are just idiots!

mommy memories said...

Love the LL Bean shoes. Can't wait till M grows into his, I got 6-12 mo size. Melody is adorable but even I admit a little more pink would be good for her! So glad I have boys =)

Lisa said...

It looks like Lauren and I shop at the same place or she raided my girly's closet. :-) M. has on pink pants so that is something! I like that hat over the eyes pic. Not only b/c it is an AU hat but also because it reminds me of when my baby was crying in the car one of my boys would say "she can't see anything". We had the same problem.