Sunday, February 15, 2009

feeling the love

My new bloggy friend, Pam, at Twenty Little Piggies tagged me! This is my 1st time being tagged and I'm excited to play along!

This seems like a pretty straightforward game with the rules being only~

Choose a number significant to you and list that many things that you love. Then tag 3 people.

So, the number I chose is 4 mainly because it's always been my favorite number.

I love my family to pieces. My husband is fabulous and my kids are as cute and as sweet as can be...what more can I ask for?

I love my Auburn Tigers. Even when they don't win at football.

I love shopping. Everyone who knows me knows this is true!

I love the whole experience of going to see a movie. And even if the movie isn't that great, as long as I had a coke and popcorn I'm happy!

Alright, so the three people I've tagged are my two IRL friends Lauren and Stephanie and my bloggy friend TigerMommie


Pam said...

Great list! Thanks for playing along. I've seen some tags that are serious WORK. Well, the real work comes in when you have to tag umpteen people, link them to your blog and then go back and leave umpteen tags for them on all their blogs.

I seriously thought I was going to have a breakdown on my 1st tag when I was supposed to tag TWENTY people. I don't know 20 people to tag! I waltzed sooo far out on a limb on that one and tagged 7 people. Only 2 didn't play. That's OK though.

Hope y'all have a great Sunday,