Friday, May 15, 2009

Preschool Graduation

My baby graduated preschool yesterday. *sniff* *sniff*I can't believe his time at our beloved preschool is so quickly coming to an end. I'm actually doing OK for now. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to loose it at some point next Thursday, which is his actual last day of school. Thank goodness we're going to the beach next weekend...I'll need the vacation to emotionally recover!
Jack was so excited about his graduation. He practiced singing the songs at home. The day of the event he even picked out Melody's clothes and told me how to do her hair! (Yes, I know he has control issues and yes, I know where he gets them from!)

The 4-year-old classes put on a wonderful program for the parents. They sang several songs they had learned over the years. This was my personal favorite; "Grrruummpp Went the Little Green Frog". Notice the hilarious expression on Jack's face as he's pretending to catch flies. (Sorry the video is a little shaky. Charlie kept grabbing at the camera!)

Here are all the Pre-K kids
Melody was thrilled to get to sit with Jack on the circle when we all went back to the classrooms. You can see her little red bows peeking out.
Jack receiving his scrapbook
Jack and his beloved teacher, Ms Dale


John Deere Mom said...

Great pics! Glad you have a weekend vacation planned to get you through it! Cole's program is Wednesday...can't wait to see if his song is as cute as Jack's!!

scrappysue said...

such a wonderful milestone in every child's life.

Jennifer said...

Great keepsake pictures! Don't get teary-eyed; "graduating" pre-k is good stuff. It's all good stuff!

lisaschaos said...

They're all so cute! Your little guy is growing up. :)

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

It goes too fast! Gotta love all those green shirts.........

Pam said...

How sweet! He looks so cute in his matching tee shirt with his class. I love how they get a "book" from the year so you can have it forever. The way they write, the things they say...priceless!

Melody looks like she fits right in at school. She obviously thinks she 4 years old and is starting her next block of classes in the Fall. Too funny!

(Did all of the sun, fun and gin & tonics help you work through your emotional trauma?)