Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Powell Beach Experience - Jack's Version

Jack's favorite activity by far was what he called "running from the waves". Where there are waves, Jack will run. He probably ran the equivalent of a marathon when all was said and done!

Of course, along with the fun of running from the waves comes the even bigger thrill of the waves knocking him down! Pretty much, Jack loves to fall whenever the opportunity presents itself and falling in the water proved to be just that much more fun!
He also had a blast jumping in the waves. Although Jack's version of jumping in the waves is Granddaddy holding him and making sure he didn't go under!

A close second to the water was the digging in the sand and the building of sand castles. He made several a day and some were quite elaborate.
In the midst of all the castles and waves, Jack made a friend! Clayton was staying in the same condos as we were and came over our first day on the beach to check out one of Jack's castles. He and Jack really enjoyed playing together and it was neat to see Jack's emerging social skills in action. Clayton even showed Jack how to use his skimboard. While Jack never got the hang of it, he definitely enjoyed trying. A lot of falling was involved.

Jack loves music and lately Shane's CD has been his favorite to listen too. He was thrilled when we took him to meet Shane and listen to him play. Shane gave him an autographed picture, which he has already hung on his bulletin board and Jack has resolved to practice his guitar everyday so he can "get good too"!

The verdict; Jack had a totally rockin' vacation!
(If you haven't already seen Alex's version, scroll on down...)


Pam said...

Looks like y'all managed to have some time when the storms took a hike and the sun came a'callin'!

Jack looks like he was having an absolute blast in the water and also building his sand castles.

Mark and the girls build a huge sand castle FORT every summer on our beach trip. It's ginormous, I tell you. They are, however, NOT the most meticulous builders around. But they have fun regardless!

I can't wait to see little Miss Sassy Pants and hear what all she had to say about her adventures at the beach!

Ehrenfelds said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time!!! I am a bit jealous...
I really miss the beach :(

But bring on the stories ;)

Kelli said...

You are SO making me want to completely change all of our weekend plans and head straight to the beach!! I love all the pictures of Jack running from the waves...sound exactly like what Henry would be doing!

Erin said...

GREAT GREAT PICTURES! How cute and cait wait for more versions of your trip!

Lauren said...

Ok, how did you do the cool picture collages?

I can just see Jack working diligently on his sandcastles. Did he let anyone help or was this a solo project?

Dee said...

Looks like he was having a BLAST!!!!!!

Krystyn said...

What a cute idea. I'm glad Jack enjoyed it so much.

Krystyn said...

What a cute idea. I'm glad Jack enjoyed it so much.

heidi said...

What a daring little boy you have! Looks like he had a blast.

And pssst? You? Look amazing!