Saturday, March 21, 2009

random picture challenge and catching up

Here's this weeks random picture challenge courtesy of

3rd Folder, 1st picture with the color brown

This was a hard challenge because I really wasn't into brown that year! This was the only picture with any brown! Can you see where the brown is?

This was May of 2006. We were at Webb and Lindsey's wedding in Dothan, AL. I posted a few more pictures just beacuse we had such a fabulous weekend. My mom kept Jack for us...he was not quite two yet. Alex and I got to Dothan early Friday in time for the guys to play golf and Stephanie and I to catch some rays in Panama City before the reherseal dinner. Saturday we hit the beach again, this time with the guys and our friends Chip and Luann. Yes, I got a shrimp po'boy at some point. I don't go near the beach without getting at least one!

Saturday night was the wedding. It was definitely one of the top 3 contenders for "best wedding I've ever been too"...excluding mine, of course, which takes the cake hands down. The bride and groom were completely in love.

We saw lots of old friends and partied well into the night. Definitely one of those weekends that were so good we still talk about it!

Oh, and if you haven't figured it out sunglasses are the 'brown' in the photograph!


Ok, on to other stuff. I feel like I have been MIA. This week was super busy for me. It was Kindermart week. Kindermart is the fundraiser for Jack's preschool. This year I got roped into joining the committee. It was a blast, but took a lot of time. A lot. Along with my first year as a committe member, this is the first year I have shopped too. I have heard stories of great consignment sale buys but am not the best bargian shopper due my extreme lack of patience mild impatience. However, as a committee member, one of my perks was getting to shop early. So, since there were no other crazied and seasoned consignment shoppers people to deal with, I browsed around a bit.

This is my favorite purchase. A Cozy Coupe. I actually go two. One for our house and one for my parent's place. Do you know what these things retail for? has them listed for $49.99. I paid less than $20 for each. My kids were thrilled and have been playing with them non-stop.

My other favorite purchse was this hat for Melody. She's been wanting a baseball hat like her brothers. I found this one; it's Gymboree (which is pretty much my favorite store) and it still had the tags on it! Deal! It's hard to tell in the picture, but it's yellow gingham and has a little purple and green pineapple on the side. It also ties in the back instead of the regular baseball hat look. She looks adorable in it even though it makes her look like she has even less hair! And more importantly, it'll help keep the sun off her fair skin.
I did get another fun toy for Jack but that's for another post. It comes with a funny story and a video.

Here is a brief Charlie update. We have made more paci progress! Yes! Friday afternoon when I went to get him up from his nap he had a different paci in his mouth than the one I laid him down with. Yes, friends, he put the paci in by himself while in the crib.
I believe this was the turning point for him because last night he slept for 12.5 hours STRAIGHT. Which means that I got 8 whole hours of sleep at one time. I felt like a new woman. I felt like I was 29 again.

We'll see if this trend continues. I've bragged about it so much I've probably jinxed myself and he'll wake up 3 times tonight.

Lastly and most importantly the Twilight DVD was released today. Ahhh, I'm looking forward to my Edward fix tonight.Feel free to stare at him as long as necessary and go here if you need more.


mommy memories-Steph said...

wow, that wedding seems like forever ago to me. I was newly pregnant with R and just fat looking! Thanks for the reminder =). I love the cozy coupes, we have one that was a gift, what a great find for you. 12.5 hrs, can C teach M a thing or 2? I really can't complain cuz if I got to bed at 10 I get 6-7 hrs in a row which is so much better than it was. And he put in a new paci, what a big guy! I suppose if I put more than one paci in M's crib he could do that to though I only have 1 out of 10 that he will actually take and some are the exact kind as the only one blue nuk that he will take, silly baby!

Krystyn said...

I totally forgot about Kindermart! You got some good finds!

Yay for Charlie and the paci!

I was just about to praise Nat and I hear her for another feeding.

Lauren said...

The candle thing behind Alex is brown too!

Okay, so who got busted at kindermart and why??

Cher said...

Great pictures, makes me miss my wedding!

Alexandra's Mommy said...

My daughter has the little tykes car and loves it! I can't wait to put it outside so she can ride it all day long!!

Summer said...

Still staring..........still staring.......still staring............ahhhh....Rob....hello there.....

LOL....yep! I'm right there with you! I'll be sure to keep up with your blog also! Hope you have a great day!!!

Lana said...

Thanks for my comment. I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your pictures. They are really good!!

heidi said...

Could you BE omore gorgeous? I mean, really? Geesh!

I need to find an 'in' in this town. There is no a consignment store around. I hear tell of a big ole city-wise consignment sale at the end of summer...but I need an invite, man.

That Cozy Coupe? My nearly 10 and nearly 8 year old still play with Corban's. You will TOTALLY get your money's worth.

Jennifer said...

Great random photo!

Pam said...

Some many things, so little time...

OK, Jennifer went and threw it out there so I'll 2nd it~~Hot Mama! I was actually going to wave that flag earlier this week when you changed your profile pic but opted against.

Way to go with your bargain finds. Plus, who has time to truly bargain hunt when you have 3 young kids. At least you gots some good deals from all of your hard work on the fundraiser!

Melody is adorable in her new hat, btw.