Thursday, March 19, 2009

psf - time for honesty

Today I am 30.
I know, I know, you were all thinking I was just 24. But it's time for me to be honest.
I'm am *choke* *gag* *cough* 30.

I have not been looking forward to this day.
I liked being in my 20s.

It's when I met my husband.
It's when I still looked good in a bathing suit.

I had a lot of great accomplishments; graduating college, marriage, children.

The four happiest days of my life took place in my 20s.

Am I ready to move on? *sigh* I guess so. After all, I do love where I'm at now. These cuties bring a lot more joy, happiness, and excitement than anything else ever will. I get to spend my 30s with them. What could be better than that? I just hope time can slow down a little...these guys were just itty-bitty babies yesterday!

My husband is the king of great homemade cards. He's creative and always puts it in perspective for me.

This is what the card he gave me this morning said.

30 is just a number
The fact that you are such a GREAT wife, mother, and friend means so much more.
And the best part is that we get to spend all of your second thirty years together.

Once you put it that way, how can I not love 30?

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Krystyn said...

What a great birthday post to yourself! Happy birthday! I hope it went well.

mommy memories said...

Happy 30th...welcome to the club =)

Wayne said...

Happy 30th birthday. i hope your having a awsome day.

great photo friday

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday.
Love your birthday post.

Alexandra's Mommy said...

Your 30's will be amazing! Happy Birthday!

Ehrenfelds said...


Hope to have the same good attitude when I turn 30. Hope your day ROCKS!

Pam said...

Now that wasn't that hard, now was it? Who would ever know that you really weren't 24?

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was GREAT!

Chris said...

30 isn't so bad -- now 31...that's a different story.

Actually, I quite enjoy my 30's --except that they go faster than your 20's.

Happy Birthday!

Lauren said...

I still say you are 24! I mean if you turn 30, then that means I am going to have to turn 30 too! Don't do that to me!

BTW, Alex rocks!

Lauren said...

And, I love the expression on both your and Jack's faces after he was born! It sort of looks like you are both saying, "WTH was that!?"

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

aww - such sweet words!! it's just a number girlie!

John Deere Mom said...

Happy birthday! I turned 32 this year and am dealing with the 30s okay. It seems so much "older" than I thought I was...but it's all in your attitude. You look amazing, by the way and am sure you could still pull off that bikini!!!

Kelli said...

This is such a great birthday post!! Happy {late} Birthday!! I love the first baby pictures! And your hubby's card is SUPER sweet!! I'm glad 30 is starting off good for you....I'm still a little worried about it!!

easy edges studio said...

what a sweet card from Alex!!!! i can't beleive it. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday:)

kaye said...

loved your story--and what a great card. hope he got a big kiss for it

Leah said...

I was married and had 3 children in my 20's, but when I turned 30 I finally felt "grown up." I'll be 40this summer. Now I feel over the hill! ;)

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Happy birthday to you! Hope this year is full of wonderful memories. :)

Kelly said...

The card your hubby gave you is TOO sweet! 30 is the new 20! Have fun!!

Joy said...

You are just getting started, darling! ;o)

Twisted Cinderella said...

I turned 37 yesterday. Trust me, the 30's can be pretty darned great.