Sunday, March 15, 2009

not me monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

My weekend did not turn into a 4 day weekend when I realized Wednesday that Jack's preschool was closed Thursday and Friday due to private school spring break.

I did not spend a large portion of Thursday morning engaging my children in motor skill boosting activities such as play-doh and cutting with scissors and feel like just the best mommy making the most of a day off. After several hours of play I did not decide I simply needed to get some housework done. I did not give my children pledge wipes and ask them to help me dust. My 4-year-old certainly did not say that that "this was the most fun thing I've ever done!" as he was frantically cleaning toys. Nope, he would never say that after his mommy used all of her creative resources to entertain three small children for 3 hours of constant fun! Seriously, the best time ever cleaning!?! I mean, cleaning is totally not my favorite thing to do! I am definitely not a neat-freak and neither is Jack. Organization is not my life.

My fabulous parents did not drive 6 hours (each way!) to spend one night with us after being unable to catch a flight out Saturday morning. We did not have a terrific time at dinner Saturday night with my aunt and uncle celebrating my youngest brother's 23rd birthday and my 30 24th birthday. I'm so excited about being 24...what a great, young number!

I did not receive a really cute tray with a bird on it as a birthday gift from my aunt, in honor of the bird in our house. When Jack saw the tray the next day he did not say, "that looks like the bird in our house!"

We did not have such a great time at dinner that we left our friend Matt, who was babysitting for us, totally hanging until 11:30! Granted, we didn't leave for dinner until 8:15, but still, it was a church night. How many of you have a friend who's husband will watch other people's kids!? Matt, you rock. We definitely owe you.

I did not come home from church to a sparkling clean kitchen (cleaned to my high standards no less) curtesy of my mom. I was not ever so thankful to her for cleaning before she left.

I did not spend naptime watching Smallville with my husband. We did not have some quality conversation regarding last week's episode as well. Please, my husband does not watch a teeny-bopper show like Smallville! And he would never be upset at me for outing him on my blog.

There was not a commercial for the DVD release of Twilight (March 21, people. I've already pre-ordered.) I did not stop fast-forwarding in order to watch it. Twice. I definitely did not drool at the mere sight of Edward. I just said I was watching TV with my husband...we were having some good quality time. Nothing could distract me.

I did not take my Melody out for a little Mommy and Daughter shopping after naptime Sunday to spend a little of my birthday present. I definitely did not get some really cute things!

I did not have several people comment on my cute, new handbag that my Granny sent me for my birthday. It is not a really posh and trendy metallic silver slouchy bag that is really in right now. My 83-year-old Granny does not have great taste in purses and jewelry!

I will not be constantly praying that time will stop before my actual birthday on Thursday. I'm really looking forward to my birthday. Like I always say; you're only 24 once, right!?

I did not feel uber-productive later that afternoon and whip up some homemade baby food for Charlie as well as some veggies for the older two. I did not enjoying a little bit of Sunday afternoon cleaning. We've already determined that I do not like to clean.


Krystyn said...

Matt says, and I quote "good thing I didn't have to do anything!" He's funny like that!

And, I totally made Nat some homemade food tonight, too! She tried some sweet potatoes. And, by tried, I mean she didn't even flinch, and gobbled the WHOLE jar down. After a bowl of cereal! What a tank!

And, we so have to plan a night to watch Edward again!

Pam said...

Please! I can't stop laughing! You're going to make me sick from laughing so hard!

The "cleaning", the bird tray, your Granny's great taste in accessories...OMGosh it's sooo funny!

I wish we lived closer together. Friend, you keep me in stitches.

Grammy said...

Glad you had a little shopping time and your welcome!

Lauren said...

Homemade babyfood? Really? Have you been bitten by the June Cleaver version of the radioactive spider?

Happy 24th! I am really looking forward to turning 24 this summer!

Dee said...

I'm glad you had so much fun at dinner!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I am glad you had a nice birthday!

Kelli said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good more real birds at least!! My boys love to help me clean. They beg to help anytime I get out the windex or pledge...which sadly isn't often enough.
My husband doesn't watch smallville either.
So was '24' as bad of a birthday as you were thinking, because I am going to be '24' next year and it is weirding me out a little!! It doesn't seem like I should be that old! Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great week!

heidi said...

Hope you have a great 24th Birthday!!

Lani said...

Isn't it great being 24:)? Great Not me Monday, to you too:)

Brittany Ann said...

Would you mind loaning me your 4 year old? I have some serious cleaning I think he'd have a blast doing! Haha! That's so funny! Loved your Not Me!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Gisela said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Adding you to my list...glad I'm not the only one with a *slight* obsession with the Twilight series. Happy Monday!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday!

I (do not) need your cleaning skills!

Honey Mommy said...

Haha! My son likes to clean too. He sometimes gets upset if I do the dishes and don't let him "help".

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday week!

Sounds like a fun one!

Too silly that kids end up liking to CLEAN! :)