Monday, March 9, 2009

a bird in the hand is NOT better than two in the bush

There was a bird in my house today.

Can I just say "EWWWWWWWW!" I'm so not a bird fan. I love all animals, though I feel that nature is best experienced outside, in its natural state. I was finally able to trap him in the dining room...this is after I ran all around the house opening some doors hoping the freakin' thing sweet bird would just fly out and closing others trying to contain it. Poor Charlie was just bouncing on my hip while I ran around occasionally shouting "EEE!" at the sight or sound of the bird. Thankfully Melody was napping. Not only is she a girl, but she has me for a mother, so I'm pretty sure she would be freaking out as well. Jack was trying to be helpful by providing a little background music, "There's a bird in our house, there's a bird in our house, there's a bird in our house." This, unfortunately did not seem to sooth the bird. I finally got him to fly out a window. Thank goodness. I was on the brink of losing it...and those who know me IRL know I'm not kidding! When I called my husband his response was that it was just a little tweety bird, not a pterodactyl. Ok, but seriously, there was a BIRD in my HOUSE! Thankfully I have a mother and a BFF who were more sympathetic! I'm finally calming down and hope to be fully recovered from this traumatic experience by tomorrow. Your supportative and symathetic words are greatly appreciated.


Ehrenfelds said...

You did exactly what I would have done! I am definitely not a fan of birds.

Good work you are a great mom and defender of your home :)

Hope the rest of your day is calm.

Krystyn said...

Not a fan of nature indoors, either. Heck, I have one plant that I was given and I feel bad when I almost kill it!

How did he get in?

Kelli said...

Ohmygoodness!! I SO would have been freaking out!! I HATE it when frogs jump off the door into the house!! I can't imagine what I would do if a bird came in!! I would probably get in the car and leave until Jason got home!

mommy memories said...

crazy bird, how did it get in, that is creepy. I don't do animals in the house either. I am proud you got it out by yourself. Call if you need more sympathetic words =) Steph

Lauren said...

It amazes that wildlife continues to find its way into your house! First a squirrel, now a bird! At least it wasn't a roach!

heidi said...

Yer such a gurl. ;-)

Hummingbirds used to fly into our old place all the time. I'd have to trap them against the window with a big ole bowl and then slide a piece of paper between the window and bowl. THen I'd run to the door and let the bugger go.

Hey, at least it wasn't a bat, eh?

Jen said...

that is creepy!

Jennifer said...

LOL reading this!
It happened to me too. I almost made my son pee his pants when he saw me throwing a ball at it - as it sat on a window sill - 21 feet above where I was standing.
Needless to say, I had to get the ladder and industrial sized broom out to get the darn thing out.
The poopies he left behind is still there tho...way too out of my reach!

Shannon said...

This is sad and funny all at the same time. I would have had the exact same reaction I'm sure. I love the Alice in Wonderland title quote title too-that's funny. Thanks for visiting my PSF-I am so behind this week-your blog is adorable-can't wait to peek back often! Hope you have a bird free rest of the week :-)

Pam said...

Oh, have I got a bird story for you. You simply would not believe it if I told you.

Let's just say that it involved multiple birds and it happened upstairs in my baby's closet--while the hubby was on the road headed to his "boys weekend."

I simply must post an anniversary edition of that story since it's rolling around next month. I just WISH I had some pictures. Especially of me trying to trap one of them against the bedroom windows that face the front of our house. Yeah, nobody happened to pull into my driveway at that premise moment either! How awful!

I can't talk about it anymore. It was HORRIBLE!!!

Oh, sorry for your stress!