Sunday, March 1, 2009

it's a blizzard!!

This weekend, Jack and Melody went to Birmingham for a visit with their Captain and P3. When we headed over there today to pick them up we had no idea a blizzard awaited us! Leaving Atlanta, the temp. was a balmy 48*. Saturday had been quite mild...I had even worn short sleeves that day. When we hit the Alabama state line, the temperature had dropped to about 34*. Soon the snow started falling. About an hour outside of Birmingham this is what our part of the world looked like.

It actually got so bad on I-59 that we had to exit off early. Fortunately, the surface streets were in better conditions. I was a little worried that we were going to get stuck there! We frequently saw people spinning off the road and crashing into wooded areas.

While we waited for the rest of the crew to arrive at our meeting spot, Cracker Barrel, we got some shots of Charlie in the snow. Alex made him a small snowball.

He liked it until his hands got wet.

We had a great time hearing all about the fun weekend and getting a little visit in with Captain and P3.

Then, as quickly as the snow came, it left. This is what it looked like leaving Birmingham.

While we were gone, Atlanta got a light covering as well.

Melody absolutely loves snowmen. Whenever she see's one, she's joyfully shouts, "A snow-maaan!" (say that with a very strong southern accent). Alex went out to make one to give her the opportunity to see an actual snowman. The kids were somewhat impressed, but a little distracted as they were making sure no snow touched any part of their being. How funny is it that they are scared of snow?! This morning, as it was falling at Captain and P3's house, Captain said it took forever to convince them to go out in it. Then, as soon as Jack did go out, he promptly went back in to change his wet socks!


Krystyn said...

That's a great snowman! We didn't brave going that bad?

Pam said...

I was wondering what was taking you so long to post snow pictures! The trip to Alabama explains everything.

My friend, Tess, (faithful babysitter) who's at Auburn, texted me this morning as we were hitting the front doors at church that they already had 3" at that point. I was in shock! Can you tell who had not watched the Weather Channel lately?!

Once we saw the pictures Tess sent us, Caroline proclaimed that "Tomorrow is a snow day and we're driving to Auburn to play in their snow!" She wasn't very happy to have her plan set straight and be advised that she would be going to school after all.

Have a great week,

mommy memories said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow for you guys! I miss snow so much! Our weather here stinks, 85 one day then 40's and too windy to be out the next!
You guys look great, can't wait to see you this summer

Kelli said...

I am SO jealous of the snow!! I was hoping it might makes it way down to us, but no such luck!! I glad you got some though!! My kids have never seen snow, and would probably be a little scared of it too!! The snow man is really cute!! Stay warm!