Saturday, March 14, 2009

a new dog and a new tooth

The other day, as Webb and Lindsey were welcoming Baby Grayson into the world, we babysat their little Yorkie, Bailey, for the day.
Bailey is absolutely adorable. This isn't actually Bailey; this is just some little dog that popped up on a google image search. But, Bailey does look a lot like this guy.
The kids had a blast with Bailey. You would think that did not have a dog of their own. I guess it's different when the dog is the size of one of your stuffed animals as opposed to a dog that could eat you for a snack. Not that Luke would actually do that.
Anyway, Jack spent a lot of the day with Bailey, even hand feeding him a few times. After one of their feeding sessions, Jack came upstairs and asked why Bailey was here. I reminded him that Webb and Lindsey were at the hospital and Grayson was being born. He thought about that for a second and then said, "So they don't want Bailey anymore?"

In other news; Charlie got his second tooth yesterday. Hopefully this will mean less crying at night and more sleeping. I have never had an issue with the crying mainly because my first two never cried that much. But, man, this guy is persistent. If only he could figure out how to put that paci in by himself!


Krystyn said...

2 teeth! Oh, my goodness!

Nat can do the paci, but that certainly doesn't stop her from crying.

Kelli said...

Yay!! 2 teeth! We are still working on our first one! It took Eli a while to figure out the paci too, but now he is loving it and so am I!!

Pam said...

Two teeth already? He's only 5 months old! He doesn't need any teeth right now. Especially if it's keeping him, strike that, you up at night. Definitely, no more teeth! Tell him I said "no more teeth." He's way too young.

Jen said...

looks like you are getting a dog?

Jennifer said...

So nice of you to watch the little Bailey! Does it make you get doggie fever?
I couldn't do it...not while having little kids! YIKES