Monday, March 23, 2009


This is my 100th post!

In honor of my 100th post, I'm going to explain an obsession of mine. I'm obsessed with numbers. It's kind of weird, and I try to keep it in check so I don't freak people out. But, I'm going to come clean today.

There's also a surprise at the bottom. But you have to read all about my number obsession first. I know, I'm cruel.

Numbers are a big deal to me. I like even numbers and my favorite numbers are 4, 8, and 12.

Individual numbers aren't actually all that important; what's more important is the way that they are grouped. Odd numbers belong together and even numbers belong together. I don't necessarily have to have control over the numbers; I just have to feel like there is some semblance of order or meaning I can derive from them.

This being said, I gave a lot of thought to my kids birthdays.

Jack's due date was 6.2.04. Works for me. They are all even and 4 is my ultimate favorite number and 6 minus 2 is 4. Ahhh. Perfect. Of course, he didn't come then. He actually came on 6.4.04. Even better. Two 4s. At 8:42 p.m. no less. After my ridiculously long and hard labor with him resulting in a C-section, I deserved some good numbers.

Melody's due date was 2.12.07. Not a whole lot I could do about the year. But the 2 and the 12 were good. Since I would be having a repeat C-section, I knew that date wasn't really that important. When it came time to schedule her birthday, the doctor was available on 1.30.07. I also made that work. See, 1 and 07 are both odd so that grouped them together. 30, being even, tied her to Jack who had all even numbers in his birthday. She was born at 8:30 a.m. as well. The 8 is even and ties in with Jack too and the 30 works with her birthday.

Charlie's numbers were all over the board. My due date changed several times, but I knew that date wasn't really important anyway. In July, we scheduled my C-section for 9.30.08. This number worked for me. The 08 was even and 4 years past Jack's birth year. The 30 tied him to Melody, and even though 30 is even, 3 is odd so that tied the 9 in.

**Yes, I know this is totally weird and I'm a complete wacko.**

Anyway, so I had made peace with those numbers. However, about a week or two before then, I started feeling like I wasn't going to be able to make it that long. I met with my doctor and had another ultrasound and the decision was made to move the date up a bit. We looked at moving it up to 9.25.08. This number was pretty significant because it 9.25 is my great-granddaddy's birthday. His name was Eli. Charlie's name is Charles Eli. Immediately I felt like that was Charlie's date. However, there were some scheduling conflicts and I couldn't get that date. Instead I had to settle for 9.26.08. Kind of a disaster for me. I mean, the 9 is left all alone. There is no other odd number in that group. On top of that I could find no connection to that date. I obsessed and obsessed. Finally my friend Lauren and my mom both told me that it didn't matter if that number flowed or connected to anything. That date would be important to me because it would be Charlie's birthday.

Of course, 9.26.08 came and Charlie was born at 6:11 that evening (another number I couldn't tie into anything). I love that date now. I don't really care that it's not connected to anything. Until the other day when I realized it is connected to something. It's actually connected to something pretty big...

9.26.08 is the date I gave birth to my last child.
9.26.03 is the date I discovered I was pregnant with my first.
How cool is that!?

Just so I seem weirder, that is exactly a 5 year difference.

If you want a little challenge, here you go. At some point in each of my pregnancies, I found a Bible verse for that child. These were verses that are important to me now and were significant to me during that time. They all can be tied into my children's birth dates. The numbers also tie all the kids together. Do you see how?
Jack - Psalm 118:24
Melody - Psalm 100:5
Charlie - Psalm 9:1

Ok, so that's my weird issue with numbers. Thanks for reading all that. It was long. And strange. I hope you'll still follow me now that you know the truth...

On to the fun stuff...I'm having a giveaway! I'll announce the giveaway on my 104th post. That will be in just a few days so make sure you check back. I'm not going to give any hints, but believe me, it's cool.


Pam said...

You are ABSOLUTELY cracking me up! You've got a thing for numbers? You think?!

Don't feel bad. I've been doing the same type of thing lately but not with numbers. Maybe were both weird.

Congrats on your 100th. That's awesome!

Have a great week,

p.s. Melody truly looks like a little doll in that picture!

Lauren said...

It's even weirder than I thought!

Krystyn said...

Congrats.....ya goof ball!

Can't wait to see what you came up with!

But 104th post? That 1 is all alone with nothing to group it with!

Emily said...

I have a number thing, too! I like even numbers, but only single digit even numbers. What I do...add all the digits together til I get a singke number, then I assume something bad will happen if the final single digit is odd. EX: 11 is actually 2 for me! So I love 11. 1+1=2...even number. 22 is a great number, too. It equals 4 because 2+2 is 4. If you really want to know my trick with the 9's just ask. I know between my number thing and the metal thing I am a crazy person!

Jennifer said...

I like your thinking....and numbers too! Love the fact that you gave birth on 9-26 and discovered you were pregnant 9-26 five years earlier!
Super cool!

Numbers are good....

My son was born on 12-3-04
(I like(d) it b/c it was 1-2-3-4) and it was also exactly 40 years after my husband's bday.

Alexandra's Mommy said...

Crazy, Crazy lady ha ha ha! I have no idea how that all happened!! Or how they all go together!! But I am not big on numbers at all!

I do like give aways though!

Stephanie said...

wow, crazy numbers thing. Love the verses for the kids...God is the connection in all the craziness.

Carebear said...

“Yes, I know this is totally weird and I'm a complete wacko” You said it, not me, LOL, and then cemented it for me with this comment “9.26.08. Kind of a disaster for me. I mean, the 9 is left all alone.” Cracked me up! But you also gave me goosebumps with the grandpa/Eli connection AND the 9/26/03 -9/26/08 connection! (Side note: my little Beauty was born on 9/16/08!) I can’t figure out the tie to your Bible verses. I might be an idiot, or it might be because it’s 2 am my time. Hopefully one of your commenters will point it out for me! Anyway, congrats on 100 posts! Oh, and I love that you’re doing a giveaway on your 104th post because it’s so random, but clearly fits you perfectly! I’ll be back for it! BTW, thanks for your comment on my Dora Rant last week! Come by this week and enter my awesome “Support Our Troops Giveaway”!

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

Numbers, eh? Yeah, I've got a thing with numbers too.........
For me it's mostly about significant numbers that come up....There was a time that I kept catching the clock at 5:32 or 7:32....always 32. And 3 and 2 kept coming up all over....
And my attention also perks up with numbers relating to my birthdate....
Anyway....Congrats on 100.....I just reached 50!

Kelli said...

That sounds like me!! Except I think your obsession may be a little more severe than mine!! I put a lot of thought into Grant and Eli's birthdays because they were both scheduled c-sections too!! I have thing with letters too...We tried to have our kids name in sequential alphabetic order but it didn't work because I didn't like any F names for boys!! I am SUPER excited about the giveaway...and it is so funny that you are doing it on post #104!!!

Summer said...

Ahhhh...yes....but, are you only stalking my blog because it's 3/24......and you love the number 4? Or, could it be that you like consecutive, March 24th could actually be 2,3,4 (switched around)...haha...ok, now I'm confusing myself....LOL!

Happy 100th post!!!

Goldylocks said...

This post cracks me up!! I don't have quite the number obsession...but I DO dunk my cookies in milk for 30 seconds...I have done this for as long as I can remember...and it HAS to be 30 seconds...they come out perfect!

See...we ride the crazy train together!!!

Congrats on the 100th post...mine was on Monday too, but I just realized it today LOL.

heidi said...

That made my head hurt. ;-)