Friday, January 9, 2009


Today was a rare day for me; I went out to run errands with all three kids, who were all (almost) perfect angels, yet everything still went wrong. As you read, just remember that all the people I dealt with today and all the people who make up these crazy rules are people who vote. I'm just sayin'...

My day actually started out amazingly peaceful...all three kids slept until 7:30 (almost never heard of, I know!). They actually played together nicely after breakfast while I got ready for the day. I was even able to eat my breakfast without having to share it with anyone. Y'all are thinking that I'm making this up, aren't you? Well, don't worry...that's where the surreal part ends. Back to reality, baby.
After getting all three kids in the car with minimal yelling of, "Come on!" "Get in!" and, "No, you can't bring every stuffed animal you own!" we were all safely buckled in the car. Plugged the ipod in, turned the key, and nothing. Hmmm. Tried again. Nothing. It was then that I realized that all the stuff my car normally does when the doors open (flashing lights, interior lights illuminated, etc) did not happen. I call my husband who informs me that battery is dead. "Oh," I said. "You left the door open last night," he informs me. Yes, you are thinking the same question that I was, "if the door was open, why didn't you close it?" Apparently, husband thinks I have a third arm that I usually use to shut the door when I'm hauling all kids out of the car, so if I left the door open it must have been so the wonderous aroma that is my garage can permeate my car at night. To his credit, husband did come home promptly, jump start my car and we were on our way.
Stop number 1; Costco. No, I am not a member (I know, I know, I could be saving a ton). Well, I had actually intended on joining until the costumer service person (who I honestly could not tell if they were man or woman and so all I could think about wat Pat from SNL) informed me that the only credit card accepted is American Express. Did y'all know that? Seriously, because pretty much everyone I know is a member and no one, in their quest to get me to join, informed me of that! Since I greatly appreciate the perks on my mastercard I have decided to decline a Costco membership. This caused some mild disappointment for Jack who, for some reason, really wanted to buy a new toothbrush while we were there.
Left Costco and onto stop number 2; Barnes and Noble. Did you know that there is a limit on how long you have to return something? There is and it's 14 days. Since what I was returning was a Christmas gift that I had purchased for someone before Christmas, the 14 days were long gone. No worries, I could exchange, but not for store credit, however, for an item in their store that very minute. As I'm looking for a book, my kids are running amok, and I'm wondering why I didn't just bring in the stroller. My (apparently unethical) friend later suggested that I should have simply taken my book to another bookstore and claimed a lost receipt. We each picked out one book and walked out of the store to the beat of Melody chanting, "I got Bot (Spot), I got Bot I got Bot."
As I'm loading them in the car, Bot is quickly forgotten as Melody frantically searches for her sippy cup. I'm racking my brain to figure out where I last saw it. Costco, I remember. So, I give Costco a call to see if anyone turned it in
(I know you're thinking "all this work for a sippy?" But, it was my favorite one!). "Yes," I say when costumer service answers, "I think my daughter left her sippy cup in a cart when were there earlier today. It's a pink Disney Princess cup and has her name on a little band around it." I'm asked to hold and a few minutes later the customer service representative come back on, "Can you please verify the name on the cup?"
'Nuff said!


Krystyn said...

Okay, I don't know where to start.

I started my Monday with leaving the dome lights on in the van...went to feed Natalie at lunch time. Yep, dead battery.

And, the fact that they asked you to verify? Seriously...did they think somebody just might want a disney princess cup. Retarded!

For the longest time, Sam's Club only took Discover. Now, they take more!

Glad we can have a relaxing day tomorrow!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Lisa said...

That is funny about the sippy cup.

Old Navy is the same way with returns. I don't know why places punish you for having your receipt. They wouldn't even let me exchange it for anything else because they knew it was past the limit. I said to the cashier "so if I had come in without my receipt I could have exchanged it for something?" Yep.

Alex Powell said...

You forgot to mention that you always leave the door open, but that this time you took the extra step of leaving the key in the ignition, which means the dome lights don't turn themselves off.