Saturday, January 10, 2009

talk, talk, talk

My Tuesday night Bible study decided to take a small retreat this weekend so I spent a fabulous day today at my friend Cheri's lake house...or should I say lake mansion. The picture do not do it any justice. First of all it was dark when I took so it's hard to really see it. The house is g.e.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. Beautiful on the outside, beautiful view of the lake, immaculate and incredibly decorated on the inside. Seriously, I have no idea why they don't live there full time.

While Charlie and I were at the lake, my sweet husband was keeping the other two. They took a morning trip to Home Depot and did a little bike riding and home improvement in the afternoon. For dinner, Alex meet up with our friends, Chip and Luann, at the Chick. Alex and Chip were sitting at the table talking while the kids were playing in the play area. Jack came out and complained about a boy who was blocking the other kids from going down the slide. Don't even ask me where his mother was and why she was not monitoring her son better. I will save the topic of proper parental supervision at the Chick for another post. Alex told Jack to talk to the boy and ask him to move. He watched as Jack went back in there and started talking. Jack was talking, talking, talking...anyone who knows Jack, knows that this can go on for a while! Finally, Jack came back out and announced that, despite his negociations, the boy hadn't moved. Alex went in there to straighten things out and walked over to the boy who said, exasperated, "I don't want to talk to him anymore!"


grammy said...

I do wish I knew what jack said for so long to the other little boy!!!! After all that and the boy didn't budge, he must really be strong willed - his poor mother and poor little boy!

Krystyn said...

Oh, that Jack. He's going to be a negotiator some day!