Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i need your vote!!

In light of today's historic inauguration, I figured a post where I need your vote is appropriate. Don't worry...it's not controversial but a lot of fun! Please keep reading and participate. Thanks!

Here's the backstory...
My friend Lauren is mommy of two sweet girls and pregnant with her third. She has decided to keep the gender a surprise...from most people at least. When she went in for her 20 week sonogram, the sonographer wrote the gender inside a card and sealed the envelope which Lauren took to the post office and mailed to ME! Seriously, only a true BFF would do this. I also exploded with excitement when I got the card in the mail and could hardly open it. Seriously, it set on my desk for a whole day before I could bring myself to even open it. I'm going to have to keep any events and emotions that happened afterwards a secret for fear of revealing this secret!

So, I told Lauren that I will make sure she is set, either way, with any clothes, bedding, etc, that she might need. This is where you come in. I have chosen three sets of bedding, per gender, and want you to vote on your favori
te one. Lauren has approved all options and all will work with the baby's light green room.

I hope everyone will vote even though I will not be revealing the baby's gender. I love keeping secrets too much and this is definitely the best secret I've ever had! Don't worry though...you won't be in the dark forever. Lauren is due on May 1, so check back around then and all will be revealed.

If you click on the pictures, you will be linked to that website. I have attached polls on the sidebar where you can go an vote. I am leaving the poll opened for two weeks and will announce the top two choices (one boy and one girl) then.


Hannah by Nautica

Daisy Garden by Pottery Barn Kids

Fairy by Pottery Barn Kids


My Little Farm by Bebe Star

Farm Yard by Kimberly Grant

Transportation by Pottery Barn Kids


Krystyn said...

That was tough!

Suggestion: Put the names of each above the pictures..I almost voted for the wrong ones because the pictures are not in the same order as the polls.

Lauren said...

I just voted! BTW, Em, you are too funny!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for you Emily! As Granna, I need to KNOW. I vote for Hannah and My Little Farm. Which one are we buying???

Lauren said...

MOM, She is not telling you!!! You will find out on May 1st!
love, Lauren

Sierra said...

This is such a great idea!! So creative and all of them are adorable!

Lisa said...

My comment is that I have the Daisy Garden quilt for my little girl. I kind of like the Fairy one, though. Not that I know it is a girl or anything...