Thursday, January 1, 2009

jack, melody, and charlie

Most of you are familiar with us, but for posterity, I'm going to introduce the kids.

Jack is 4.5 and loves to be silly. He loves preschool and is currently a four-year-old "Zebra". He loves to dress up, attend Auburn football games with his dad, and play with his brother and sister. He's sweet, smart, bossy, a negotiator, and a good friend (most of the time). If he's awake, he's talking.

Melody will be 2 at the end of January and marches to her own drum. She's talking in full sentences now and among her favorites are, "I don' wanna do dat!" (imagine it with a Long Island accent), "I wan watch Barney!" (imagine this at the top of her lungs), and "I see snowman!" (also at the top of her lungs with an extra syllable like a true southern girl). And let's not forget the most often heard phrase, "Mah mee-alk", as the sippy cup of milk is basically an extension of her body. She's a real ham and keeps us entertained with all her antics. She tries with all her might to do whatever her big brother is doing and she's ever-loving to her baby brother.

Charlie is 3 months old and is best described as "adorable". He's such a sweet, easy-going baby, full of smiles and baby coos. He's content to watch the world around him. He loves his bouncy seat, his play-mat, staring into space, and seems to (cautiously) enjoy getting love from his brother and sister.


Krystyn said...

The one with Melody pouting with the hat is priceless! And, Charlie really has changed and gotten bigger in just 3 short months.