Monday, January 26, 2009

charlie is 4 months!

Our little Charlie is 4 months old today. Some of you might remember the dump truck pictures I took of Melody...where I placed her in Jack's dump truck every month for 6 months to have something to judge her growth by.

Here she is at 1 month

and almost 6 months and sitting up on her own.

So I tried a similar idea with Charlie using Melody's doll stroller.
It didn't really work, because as you can see at one
month he was already too big for it.

However, for posterity, I did it again a few days ago.
I'm pretty sure I won't be doing it again as, at 16+ pounds,
he's got to be nearing the weight limit!


Lauren said...

He might be your biggest child yet!

Krystyn said...

Yeah, you aren't having any milk problems anymore!

What a cutie!

(And, why don't I ever think of any ideas like this?)