Monday, January 19, 2009

16 things about me!

This is a fun idea I got over at 4littlemen...


love to read.

really want to be either a personal shopper, a life coach, or a personal organizer.

can be kind of controlling (see above).

could eat way way more than I actually do. Self-control, people.

will probably back into you if you are parked behind me in a driveway. I've done this about 4 times.

have a ghetto-booty and I'm OK with that.

am running my first half-marathon on April 25.

love to listen to Aerosmith.

wish I was a vampire.

am totally into the Twilight Series (see above).

love jewelry. Bring on the bling.

once got lost in downtown DC with a friend and drove around for hours before we found our way out. Seriously, I think we actually drove on every state street. It was in high school...I lacked some common sense then.

think ebay is a really cool idea but I totally don't have the patience for it. Same goes for Craigslist.

love to rearrange furniture. Frequently my husband will come home to a rearranged house and it drives him crazy.

am a purse-a-holic. This also drives my husband nuts.

am planning on reading The Little House on the Prarie series with Melody as soon as she turns five. Yes, I love the TV show too. Yes, my family constantly makes fun of me for it.

And for fun I'm tagging Krystyn and Lauren to do this too...


Lauren said...

I will do it too! Who else have you run into in the driveway?

Krystyn said...

Note to self...never park behind Emily!

And, if I had the money, you could totally shop for me:)