Saturday, January 17, 2009

baby, it's cold outside

Ok, I know that a substantial part of our country is experiencing temperatures close to zero or below and they're probably laughing at us southerners for complaining about our 30 degree weather...but seriously, y''s freakin' cold outside!!! Today the warmest temperature my car registered was 23 degrees. Brrrrrrr. I bundled my kiddos all up when we left the house. Of course, I forgot my jacket. It didn't really matter turns out that even in freezing weather, I can still break a sweat toting my infant and toddler through the Target parking lot.

See how cold they look?

Check out this cute little puppy!


Krystyn said...

that's one cute little puppy. and wow, he's really good at holding his head up.

Lisa said...

You and your trips to Target...with 3 kids...AND cold weather! You need some sort of an award for all that effort! ;-)