Monday, July 20, 2009

FMM - Vacations!

It's Friend Makin' Monday again and since Kasey is still on her awesome 30 day road trip, Jolanthe over at No Ordinary Moments is hosting today.

The two part topic is: vacations!

First tell us about your best or worst vacation and then list five places you want to go to on vacation at some point in your life.

Ok, you know I haven't really had a horrible vacation. At least not one I can really remember. Growing up, my family would vacation at the best place on Earth the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We always went with this one other family, got a huge house right on the beach and lived it up for a week or two. We always went the first two weeks of August, aka hurricane season. Most years we were lucky, but we did get evacuated by Hurricane Felix one year. I don't actually remember a lot, even though I was like 15 or something. (Guess that goes to show how self absorbed I was as a teenager! lol). I just really remember that we evacuated to this hotel in Greenville, NC and that I was in close quarters with my brothers (ugh!) and that there was literally nothing to do so we walked around Walmart (ugh again!). Fortunately, it was just for a night and then the next day Felix went on its way up the eastern seaboard and we went back to the Banks.

As far as best vacations go, realy some of my favorite v
acation memories are from the Outer Banks; boogie-boarding in the great Atlantic waves, sitting the deck of the beach house watching the dolphins frolick in the waves, looking for shells, riding our bikes around Corolla Light. It was the kind of family vacation I hope to take my children on some day.

My other best vacation was our trip to Italy in 2006. My dad had been the highest bidder on this house

at an auction and off we (Alex, me, my brothers, and my parents) went to Perugia, Italy for a week! It was absolutely fabulous. The scenery was breath-taking and the culture amazing. One of the things I loved the most was multitude of artwork in the beautiful old churches that were everywhere! I loved going into those churches and knowing that painting in there were hundreds of years old! We went to Florence, Assisi, and many other small towns and had a great time.

Except for one small detail that really only affected me.

I was 10 weeks pregnant with Melody. And sick. as. a. dog. The whole time. I got sick on the plane when we landed in Rome and was pretty sick the whole time. And tired. So, I missed out on all the great food and wine since basically all I could stomach was bread. I'm planning on going back just so I can eat and drink there!

This was the view from mine and Alex's bedroom
Machiavelli's tomb in Florence
The cathedral in Assisi
Out of all the artwork we saw, this was my favorite painting. Sorry it's so dark, but flash wasn't allowed. It's Adam and Eve blaming the serpent when God confronts them in the Garden of Eden.
Alex in Florence. Yes, that's a Statue of David apron he's wearing. I laughed so hard when we saw the Statue of David (after waiting in line for over two hours, btw) beacuse my brother said, "Wow. David has the biggest hands ever and the smallest penis!"
My brothers and I walking up the road to Assisi.
Anyway, I really could go on and on for hours about how amazing Italy is. It's definitey a place I want to go back to.

Now for my list of where I want to go. It's so hard to narrow it down to just five places, but I'll try.

Ok, in no particular order:
1. Hawaii
2. London
3. Ireland
4. Greece
5. Alaska

Since we're already on the subject of vacations, whenever I need a vacation, I drink of of these;
In my family, our drink of choice, a gin and tonic, is known as a "Vacation" after my mom once said that "drinking a gin and tonic is like going on vacation!"


Anonymous said...

awwww I grew up going to the OBX every year around that same time. We switched in recent years when my parents bought some condos in Myrtle. I would love to go to Hawaii and Greece!

Sierra Rix said...

Was Andrew the one who made the comment about David??
I want a vacation or a "vacation" right now!
My faves have been: Cannes, London, Key Largo

My gotta dos: Dubrovnik, a Greek island (I wont be picky), Italy (again, not picky), Ireland.

Michelle said...

Anyone who loves boogies boarding AND Italy is cool with me.

Adorable family by the way!

Tina said...

Love your drink of choice....

What a wonderful experience with your family...WOW

I have never been to the OBX but would love to go....

Erin said...

Sounds like a blast. Alaska is top on my list to visit!

Ave said...

I would like to go to Italy also, I have some friends there. And visiting Alaska is in my top 10 list =)

Lauren said...

I could definitely use a "vacation" right now! I remember when you went to Italy. I was 4 weeks pg with EJ. I don't even think I had taken the test yet! How time flies!

Kelli said...

Wow, that sounds like a great trip! I'm so sorry you were sick and had to miss out of some stuff. You'll just have to go back ;)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That looks like an awesome trip! I want to go to Europe far all we have managed is the Carribean and Mexico! I also want to see more of the U.S., and Alaska would be so cool!

Krystyn said...

I'm not sure I know the meaning of vacation....last one I really remember was my honeymoon! That was in 2003! Houston sooo doesn't count!

You'll have to do Italy again now that you aren't preggo!

Rhonda said...

Happy FMM! What a great list! Oh fun!

honeysuckle said...

Your pics were beautiful of Italy. I can't wait to go there--planning next June to go there. Sorry you were not able to enjoy it like you will be able to next time. Thanks for coming by.

honeysuckle said...

I forgot to tell you that The outer Banks is another area I'd like to visit. I read about all the adventures in Nicholas Sparks books and it sounds so fun. You are lucky you are familiar with that area already. Happy FMM!

grammy said...

I hope Father Rix did not read the part what I said about vacations!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Wow, Italy! Too bad you were so sick. I am cracking right the heck up over that apron! Made my husband stare at me, and then when he saw the apron, he just shook his head.... :)

jenjen said...

Hi Emily!

Happy FMM! You are so lucky to go on such an awesome vacation. Wow - it looks like you had such a great time. That is right at the top of my list!


Mommy Dear said...

I LOOOOOOVED Italy, too! My favorite vacation ever. Wasn't Florence just gorgeous?? Did you take a drive into Tuscany?

You have GOT to go back and eat. Like a mad woman. Pizza and pasta and more pizza b/c it's simply the best there....



Jolanthe said...

Oh - to be in Italy and not be able to have wine...that just seems wrong somehow! :)

Happy FMM!

Chrissy said...

Aw, sounds like you have some great memories of family vacations! I would love to go to the Outer Banks one day. And hello, that trip to Italy! Definitely something I want to do!

Have a great day!

Julie said...

my dad was int he air force and we lived in naples, italy for 3 years when i was in 7th,8th and 9th grades. i am laughing so hard at your comment about the churches because all we ever did was complain about being dragged to another church!!! italy is sucha beautiful place and i wish i had been old enough to enjoy it instead of being wrapped up in my own teenage world!!!

leahmarieisme said...

It was great to see your Italy PICS I was in Florence and LOVED it, yet was only 16. I did not have the photo smarts to take great pics at that time! Looking at yours was nice! Thanks for sharing!