Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random Picture Challenge - Graduation

17th folder
33rd picture

This is my brother, Ben, taking his Lawyer's Oath upon his graduation from Wake Forest School of Law in May of 2008.  It's kind of hard to tell from this photograph, but he looks a little like Prince William.  He's now an attorney in Denver, Colorado.  He's also single if any of you know of a single girl he might like (and most importantly I would like).
This challenge was especially fun for me as I choose from the files on my parent's computer.  (More than just a computer, I might add, it's one of those awesome macs).  I light to travel light, so I opted not to bring my laptop which meant I couldn't actually choose from my own photos.

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Mom24 said...

I can definitely see a resemblance. Isn't it crazy how some people are single that you would think are all snapped up. I hope he finds someone special that you like too soon. :-)

Alexandra's Mommy said...

Fun ! Looks like a great graduation! What a special thing :)!! I am getting a mac soon :)

Pam said...

You're cracking me up. But at least you're being honest when you say it's more important that you like her. That's the over-protective sister coming out, right?!

Have a great Spring Break,

Krystyn said...

You are too funny!

And, my sister is sort of single...

Momisodes said...

What a wonderful moment captured here!

LOL! I know what you mean. It is definitely important that YOU like her ;)