Sunday, April 19, 2009

a big girl and a big girl bed

For the past several days Melody has been whinning begging pleading to have "mah own big gur-rel bed!" Our evening have been going something like this;
Take a bath, brush teeth, and get jammies on. Then we crawl into Jack's bed to read a few books. Afterward Melody will say, "
I sleep in Jack's bed." To which I say, "No, you have your own bed." This statement will ensure a lot of hysterical crying to the tune of "I wanna a big gur-rel bed!"
So today we borrowed another crib mattress from a friend and got our toddler bed out of the attic. Melody was thrilled. Beyon
d thrilled actually. When Alex was finished putting it together, I called her upstairs, "Melody, your big girl bed is finished." "Let's see it!" she replied rushing upstairs. She immediately climbed in and said, "cover me up, I go sleep!"

Here's our little practice session.
After bath time, Melody was anxious to get in the bed. We read books in the big girl bed, said prayers, covered her up, and sang a song. Everyone kissed her good night. We left the room. I walked across the hall into the laundry room and heard Melody's doorknob try to turn. I opened up the door and she turned an ran right back to her bed. I told her if she got out of her bed again, she would have to go back into her crib. I haven't heard a peep since!

This is how I left her. Sweet dreams!


heidi said...

How freaking CUTE is that?!?! I just, today, moved B into Corban's room. Luck to both of us!

Kelli said...

So cute!! Grant has been in his toddler bed for awhile, and he is just about to get too big for it! We are going to have to move him up to a twin bed soon!

Krystyn said...

Oh, no! She already escaped!

She looks like such a doll. I hope it goes well.

Lauren said...

I hope it goes well! She sure looks cute in her big gur-rel bed! (I really hope she always keeps that accent!)

Bren said...

Such a cute bed! She sure is a big gur-el!

Alexandra's Mommy said...

How cute :)

Sarah said...

We also just made the big move fro the crib to toddler bed. Isn't it just the cutest thing to see them all snuggled into the little bed??!