Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Jack

Jack had quite a big week this week. It started on Wednesday morning with his class field trip to the recycling center. He had been talking about recycling all week. When I asked him if he knew what recycling was he said, "Sure. It's like when you're having a snack and you throw it away and then later on you want some more or your friend wants a snack and so you get it back out of the garbage."

So, just a little tip, if Jack offers y'all a snack, think twice before accepting.

Wednesday afternoon was his choir recital. They sang; He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, Father Abraham, Who Did Swallow Jonah, Only a Boy Named Davis, Jesus Loves Me, and Praise Ye the Lord. It's pretty fun watching a bunch of four year olds sing their hearts out.

Here they are doing "Praise Ye the Lord"
And Jack and his buddy Cole doing Father Abraham
Thursday was his unbirthday party at school. He's had an unbirthday party every year since he has a summer birthday. Melody, Charlie, and I got to go and celebrate with him. (Melody was thrilled to be there and joined in on all the preschool fun!) We got to watch Jack do his leader duties which include the weather, date, cheering his name (to work on spelling, phonics, etc), the Pledge of Allegiance, and show and tell. He wanted to bring Zebra cakes (since their class is the Zebras) and doubled checked several times to make sure we had enough for his teachers too. I wonder if he's that considerate or if the teachers remind students to bring enough for them?! haha. He wore his unbirthday crown all day long too. It's hard to believe my little guy will actually be 5 in just a few weeks!

At the front during circle time
He brought some cars for Show and Tell (shocker, I know).
One of his teachers, Ms Dale, told his birthday story and said just the sweetest things about Jack.
Notice Melody right there in the action. She was not about to miss out on cake.


Krystyn said...

A very happy unbirthday to Jack!

What a fun way to celebrate!

Bren said...

Happy un-birthday to Jack! Hey Melody - you little speed demon!

Pam said...

Happy Un-Birthday to Jack! That's really cute.

Melody is just praticing for when it's her turn for preschool, right?

heidi said...

Awww!! He looks so cute in his recital!

A very merry unbirthday to Jack!

grammy said...

Glad Jack had a special day! Wish I could have seen that performance!

The Dufour Family said...

Emily - Joey and I just got a really big laugh out of Jack's explaination of 'recycling'. Too funny! I love the honesty!