Wednesday, April 15, 2009

just a random post

So, there are just several small things that I want to blog about.

For those of you who are interested, Operation Bye-Bye Passy has been considered a success. We are well over the 24 hour mark, and with two problem free naptimes and bedtimes, apparently the addiction wasn't as hard to break as we thought. The passy did seem to have a calming effect, which will be greatly missed, as she has started jumping up and down in her crib before going to sleep. I'm thinking that we're going to be holding off introducing the "big girl bed" until that stops.


It seems that Geek Squad has been able to retrieve all my data and I can pick it up tomorrow. I have a new computer complete with a docking station. And hopefully I'll get my files and such transfered without any major gliches. And, yes, the first thing I will be doing is backing up all my data.

My allergies have just been terrible. I have been sneezing all over the place and my eyes need some serious cucumber therapy. I used to have horrible allergies as a child and then they improved somewhat as an adult. When I am pregnant I have no allergy issues at all. Two years ago, Melody was a newborn, and I guess I was still reaping the effects of my pregnancy induced allergy-immunity. The following year, I was also allergy free as I was pregnant with Charlie. Maybe that's why this year is so bad; they are making up for lost time. I took Claritin today. Claritin clear is not really all that clear. Despite their convincing advertising, I'm still walking around in a fog. I'm not sure what's worse, feeling the effects of the pollen or being drunk off the meds.

Our friend Lindsey came over today to visit and brought
Baby Grayson. He's just a month old and is absolutely adorable. He looks just like his daddy too. I had forgotten how loud newborns can be with their noises. The whole time we were talking, he was just grunting away. Melody wanted to hold him and actually sat there just looking at him for several minutes. This is the first time Charlie has met Grayson. Alex and Webb have been close friends since they met in college, and I know Grayson and Charlie will grow up to be BFFs too.

I just had to post this video of Melody. This is her new catch-phrase that she says constantly. She's such a Southern Belle, isn't she?


A big change is about to happen to our family. No, it's not that...heehee. I'm not at liberty to say anything just yet, but hopefully I'll be blogging about it within the next few stay tuned.


Bren said...

You weren't kidding about the "oh well" that is just too cute! Congrats on the no more passie! I am not yet brave enough for Mags to get rid of it at night.

Sarah said...

Allergies...we are having the same issues here. This year my daughter is also sneezing like crazy! Great.

Krystyn said...

I do's so much better than Claritin! And Kellymom says you can take it while nursing.

And, hey Southern Belle momma, you totally said ageein instead of again....I'm just saying!

Glad everything was recovered and yay for a new computer.

Summer said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That little voice is just about the cutest thing EVER!!! Being a southern girl myself, I can TOTALLY appreciate that sweet little twang!

grammy said...

Just a random answer to a random post - Yeah for the passy obsession ending, yeah for the "new" computer and I can't believe how big Charlie looks compared to Grayson. Poor Grayson looks so uncomfortable in that carseat. I hope you took him out.

Jen said...

Oooooo, whats going to happen?

Kelli said...

Ohmygoodness!! Those videos were SUPER cute!! And she looks so cute holding tiny little Grayson! My hubby has allergies too...and the pollen is SO bad down here right now!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to hear about your big surprise, mama! And, great job with operation bye bye passy! YOU GO!

steph said...

yay for no more passy. R was in his bed when we took his paci and he is louder and more playful without it still but it gets better. She might just keep on jumping! Love the videos, can't wait to see them. Great news about your computer. Sucks about allergies. I am still good since M's birth and for a girl who did 4 years of allergy shots, woo hoo. They are trying to make a comeback though and I take zyrtec, claritin never did a thing for me and my doctor says it is safe for nursing too.

Pam said...

She sounds JUST LIKE her Momma!

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

Sorry to hear about the fun!

Congrats with the passy.......I'm personally not a big fan of toddlers (over 2-3) with them in the my situation, I didn't think I'd ever be able to get TigerBoy to give it up, but on our 2 week stay with my family, it disappeared one night and we just never looked back. (By disappeared, it fell off the futon, and I was in no mood to fully wake up to actually find it....luckily he didn't fuss long and just went back to sleep!).........He had a few times of asking for it, but nothing major.
I'm so glad to not have to wash them and buy them anymore!!!

John Deere Mom said...

OMG...OH WELL! She says that so cute (although you do too!) :) Congrats on getting rid of paci so easily!!