Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tomorrow and Snow

Tomorrow is the big day!! Sasha's flight gets in at 6:15 p.m.  Please pray for all the orphans and chaperons traveling.  The children from Sasha's orphanage had to endure an 18 hour train ride, on a train that makes Amtrak seem like the most luxurious form of transportation on Earth, followed by a flight to Amsterdam, a layover, and then a flight to Atlanta.  Other children had similar, extremely long travel experiences.

We are really looking forward to meeting Sasha and pray that he will adjust quickly to being here.  I will definitely keep y'all updated.

In other news, today we enjoyed a snow day!  (And in Atlanta a snow day means we had about an hour of flurries.)

The kids ran out on to the Deck to catch snowflakes on their tongues and slide around on the slick surface.

They had blast.
For about 15 minutes...
Charlie didn't even last that long.  He was outside for about 5 minutes before he came scampering back in saying, "I cold, Mom!"
Alex and I were the smart ones...we preferred to spend our snow day here instead.  

Does this count as a white Christmas?


Christy said...

awww, love the flurry pics! I wish we got about as much as y'all did here (in b-ham). my husband is in atl this week for work, so he got more snow than we did.

Praying for Sasha and his travels. I hope everything flows smoothly for y'all

Kmama said...

You should see all the snow we got yesterday. It's crazy. And I risked life and limb to come into work today. *sigh*

Many prayers for Sasha and the other people traveling.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Yay for snow! I know it was only flurries but that is lot for the south:) I hope everything goes well tomorrow...I can't wait to hear all about your time with Sasha!

Krystyn said...

Crazy we missed most of it, and we were 4 hours north of Atlanta.

Hope it goes well with Sasha...I'm sure we'll be meeting him at church soon.

blueviolet said...

Snuggling by the fireplace is where I'd have chosen to be too.

So exciting about Sasha's arrival!

Angie said...

I want some fair....send us some!!

I'm saying a prayer for you guys and Sasha! I hope all goes well.