Saturday, December 11, 2010


We've had a lot going on the past few weeks, getting ready for Sasha's visit and Christmas.  I'm fluctuating between feeling very calm and completely overwhelmed.  So, in trying to keep myself feeling calm and organized, I'm going to just do a bullet post to update everyone with where we are.

  • A friend of mine was so generous and picked up a bunch of underwear, socks, and a few other odds and ends at Walmart for Sasha.  He now has more underwear and socks than my own children do.
  • Sasha is just a nickname.  His real name is Alexander. (Oleksandr in Russian.)
  •  Melody says Sasha like "Ssshaa-ssshaa".  It's really cute to hear.
  • I'm out of my stash of Christmas cookies and candy which really bums me out.  On the upside, it's not a big deal if I skip a work out or two since I have nothing good to eat anyway.
  • I'm planning on rebuilding my stash this week.  Yum!
  • I plan on working out a lot this week.
  • (Y'all are really going to hate me for this one) All my shopping and wrapping is complete.  I even have all Santa and Mommy/Daddy gifts assembled, wrapped, and stocking stuffers ready to be stuffed.
  • It has been REALLY cold here.  This is partly why I've gotten so much done.  I've had no desire to leave the warmth of my house which means that I've ordered a lot online and have had plenty of wrapping time.
  • The kids love to look at Christmas decorations while we're in the car.  If Charlie sees a particular house he really likes, he instructs me to "Back up, Mom, back up!"
  • Jack's school Christmas performance was last week.  I have a video I will post soon.  You can hear Jack loud and clear.  And very off key.  It's great.


Rachel said...

You guys are going to make Christmas so special for Sasha!

And it cracks me up - because my kid does the exact same thing when he sees a house lit up and hollers for me to stop! Kids are so funny!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I love randomness.
I know you all are anxiously awaiting Sasha's arrival. I can not wait to hear about it.

Love that you are done - me too! I am so ready this year - maybe I should be pregnant every Christmas, Nah!

Krystyn said...

You have been busy!

Hope your stash gets replenished soon.