Thursday, October 14, 2010

PSF and Muscles

It's no secret that Jack's greatest desire is to be a superhero.
Preferably Batman.

I have to admit, I've used this to my advantage at every possible opportunity once or twice.

I can't help it. It's just so easy. All I have to do is tell him that I used kryptonite as an ingredient and he will happily scarf down anything on his plate.

Yesterday as he was inhaling peas kryptonite balls the following conversation took place. "Mom," he said excitedly, "I feel these lumps in my chest! I think I'm finally starting to get muscles like Batman!"

"Great." I responded.

"It's because I'm eating all these kryptonite balls!" he said. "Pretty soon I'm going to have muscles just as big as Batman's."

(silence for a few seconds)

"Mom? Why doesn't Daddy have any muscles like Batman?"

It was hard not to giggle at that one.

Oh, and the lumps? His ribs.

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Ok, I know what I said in my last post. I've been trying to think about what I want to post about these past few days. I do want to get more open and honest about things really going on, but it's hard. After all my mom reads this blog. Just kidding, Mom. I've realized that I'm just not a real emotional person. Or not good at sharing my emotions. I know that people who know me IRL are probably laughing but I'd just like to point out that acting emotional and sharing (verbalizing) emotions aren't the same thing. Ahem.
Anyway, stick with me. I'll get there. After all, this kind of counts,right? I mean, I opened up about how I'm not good at opening up.


Foursons said...

Oh how I wish I could use Kryptonite in my cooking and the kids think it was a good thing! Although, I don't think it would have mattered one iota to me if it were peas. Blech.

Di said...

Honey, you and I are so different, and I just really love you. You make me laugh. I know that you can have a big personality and still have a hard time sharing personal stuff. You go ahead and take your time, and share what you want when it feels right.


Angie said...

I'm totally stealing the kryptonite balls is so hard to get my kids to eat veggies lately.

Oh and I have been meaning to say, I can't believe you don't tweet anymore. What is up with that?

Kmama said...

That is so cute that he thinks that you put Kryptonite in his food. And lol at what he said about your hubby. So funny.

Take your time on opening up. Do it when you feel like it, don't do it if you don't feel like it.

blueviolet said...

That is just too funny! Kids and their imaginations!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Little boy cuteness at its finest!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! We also have a superhero in our house!!! Well right now he is fixed on transformers....Love this age though!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! We also have a superhero in our house!!! Well right now he is fixed on transformers....Love this age though!

Lauren said...

Poor Alex! Maybe he needs to eat more kryptonite balls!

Kelli said...

He is so cute...that conversation is hilarious. And, no share what you want to share when you want to share it! And yes, it totally counts.

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Aww, that is soo cute and so funny! I think he makes a great batman!

I haven't been over in awhile, so I have to go back and do some reading, but I'll be back to check out what's been going on. I look forward to you sharing. *hugs*

Rachel said...

He is hilarious!

I've been working on some "deeper" posts too, but somehow the silly stuff just keeps happening too :)

Love the picture!

Meant to be a mom said...

Haha! That would have made me crack up :). Love the costume, and that's great that he's growing lumpy muscles like batman :)

I just went back to catch up and love love love the post of you and Melody and your looking alike. You two definitely do look alike. Such beautiful girls. :)

HeatherOz said...

So funny! Love his costumes. My boys both have cotumes with muscles and I LOVE it!

Good first step at opening up!

Bethany said...

Haha, hilarious!!!That's a fun costume!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Kids are funny! Good thing he's not Superman, kryptonite would kill him!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

He is such a cute Batman! I love that he eats his peas because you call them kryptonite clever! I totally get what you mean about being emotional but not good at sharing emotions. I am the same way a lot of the time.

He & Me + 3 said...

Love the costume...too cute. He is so funny.