Monday, May 2, 2011


Over the past few weeks I've realized my children have a boldness about them.  They are real evangelists and totally unabashed in talking about faith.  Part of this I attribute to Jack's fabulous school but part of it is also just their personalities and simply being children.

This boldness has really challenged me over the past few months.  Especially as I've gotten deep into the study of Isaiah at BSF.

More and more, Jesus is a frequent topic of conversation.  Jack is constantly quoting scriptures, his current favorite is the Beatitudes, and can frequently be found reading his Bible.

Melody enjoys listing all the things she loves about Jesus and singing joyfully at all times.  (And yes, I do mean at all times.  We frequently hear exuberant tunes coming from the bathroom!)

I wonder what my life would be like if I lived my faith as boldly as they do.  As boldly and as fully, keeping my constant focus on God.

I pray my children continue to speak boldy, live boldly and desire to learn more about their Savior every day.


blueviolet said...

In this world, that is a blessing that they stand so strong in their faith!

Kmama said...

She is just too cute!!

Good for them in their boldness, and good for you in helping teach them to be bold about their faith!

Emmy said...

He libs- hehe too cute.
Alex sings on the potty and well everywhere too.

And yes, kids really are amazing examples with how bold they are

heidi said...

SO cute. :-)

It's always amazing to me how children can just live it and do it. Must be why God tells us to have Childlike Faith, eh?

Kat said...

The faith of a child. Just too precious.
I love that video! Hearing her say "salvation to impart" just cracks me up! SO CUTE!!!!!!

Holly said...

Good for them! Once in a while, my preschooler busts out a "Funky Jesus Music" by TobyMac, but I guess that's not exactly the same thing....