Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Get What You Deserve

You're probably wondering what this picture is and why I've posted it.

It's a dead bird.

Precisely, the dead bird I caught my children playing with.

They built a nest in a bucket for it and were currently scouring the yard for worms when I discovered them.

You're probably wondering what I was doing while I was neglecting allowing my children the responsibility of some independence.

I might have been sneaking a few of their incredibly yummy vanilla cupcake flavored goldfish.  And watching a re-run of the originial BH 90210.

Shameful, I know.

Well, I got what I deserved.


Emmy said...

Oh no! Well at least they were trying to take care of it :).

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Yuck! I would have freaked out! And really vanilla cupcake goldfish...I must find them soon!

Kmama said...

Oh no!! But the original 90210?? I've been known to get sucked into that.

Leslie said...

That's kind of a sweet in a weird way!!!! They were nurturing the poor, dead bird. And the "neglect"? Too funny, I haven't watched 90210 in YEARS, but it was definitely my favorite back in the day!

Krystyn said...

Oh, that poor bird...wait, it was already dead, right?

How good were the goldfish?

Chip said...

well at least you were watching Donna Martin and not encouraging said behavior.