Thursday, May 6, 2010

PSF and a lesson learned

I learned a lesson the hard way the other day.

If you're out in a clover field

having pictures made of your two adorable younger children

and cannot stop commenting how adorable the three year old looks in her tutu

(Photos courtesy of Pam "P3" Powell)
it is still very important to keep an eye on the 19 month old

because if he eats the clover flower

he'll probably throw it up later that evening.

And you'll probably be in the car, a 1/2 hour from home, when it happens.

PhotoStory Friday
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Lauren said...

oh that is so funny!! Leave it to Charlie to eat a flower and his caregivers not to notice! ;)

Cecily R said...

Heeeee! I will say this for your least you got a clever (very) post out of it!

Krystyn said...

Ewwwww....yuck! Thanks for the tip, though.

Chris said...

You're right, I probably would be.

Someone must have been watching him, since you got that great shot :)

debi9kids said...

LOL! But he sure looks adorable while he's doing it ;)
(eating the flower, not the throwing up bit. )

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Oh man! That stinks! I will have to remember that because I really don't want Eli throwing up in my car:) Eli has eating a more than a few non-food items too!

Leslie said...

oh yuck!!

But kinda funny at the same time!!

amy said...

the pictures are adorable and i'm so sorry about the results of the clover feast. either way- still made for great pictures

Emmy said...

Oh no! Well at least you will have cute pictures from the day :)

Why couldn't he have just made it home.

Rachel said...

OY! So sorry! But those pictures are stinking adorable (and it was probably almost worth it to get that shot, right??? :)

Angie S said...

Uh oh...ha! No way did that happen, too funny. Those are some cute pics!

HeatherOz said...

Oh no! Not in the car! Poor.......EVERYBODY!