Friday, August 23, 2013

Cousin love!

Right before school started, we took a trip over Jackson to visit my parents.  My brother and SIL were also in town so Ben could take the Mississippi bar.  Since they currently live in Denver, we are always excited to see them any chance we get, but this time we were doubly excited because...
We also got to meet sweet baby Hayes!!
We don't get to see our CO cousins enough (and cannot wait for them to move to MS so we can see them much more often!) so when we do we are sure to smoother them with all kinds of love and affection

Charlie had fun getting to be the "big kid" for a change.
Melody had fun practicing her babysitting skills
I tried to get as much of a baby fix as possible.
After all, who can resist a precious baby smile like this!?
Jack realized how fun it was to boss around a 2yo who will do whatever he's told. What could be a better activity for a firstborn, type A child!?
And we tried to get a group shot.  Well, we got a group shot.  We tried to get a good one! Tried being the key word here...
Just a few more weeks and our CO cousins will be living in the south permanently!