Sunday, August 25, 2013

12 Years...

ago, I said "I do" to this wonderful man. 

That was such an amazing, special day and it's only gotten better.

In honor of our twelfth anniversary and because my husband commented to me that he doesn't think he gets enough face time on the blog I'm going to write 12 things I love about him.

In no particular order...

1.  He makes me laugh.  Usually with sarcasm.  (Don't roll your eyes, you know sarcasm is funny too!)

2.  He puts up with my annoying habits. *I'm not admitting to any annoying habits here, but if I had some, I'm pretty sure he would tolerate them graciously.

3.  He loves action packed superhero moves too. But, he will watch the sappy movies with me when I ask him (yes, that means he has seen Twilight).

4.  He tells me I'm beautiful all the time.  Even when I know that there's no way I'm looking good at the moment.

5.  He's an Auburn fan.

6.  He's gorgeous.  I would put a picture of him here shirtless, laying out on the beach, but I don't want all y'all to get too jealous. 

7.   He loves God, his family, and his friends. And in that order.

8.  He honest.  Sometimes too honest.  Whatever he says and what ever he does, I can count on him to do it with integrity. 

9.  When he takes me out on a date, he always treats me as though I'm the girl he's been dying to go out with and is so happy to finally be out with me.

10.  He's a hard worker.  Sometimes I complain that he works too hard but, in actuality, he's very committed to doing the best he can, he has a strong work ethic, and goes above and beyond always.

11.  He's always calm, cool, and collected.  There are moments I wish he would just panic right along with me, but when it comes down to it, I know that I can always count on him to be the rational one.

12.  He works hard at our marriage.  I have to admit, he works harder than me. He is almost always the better person and in that way, encourages me to be a better person.  I know he will always strive to put our marriage first and that his commitment to me and our relationship is unwavering.

Happy anniversary, babe! The past 12 years have been wonderful and, from what I hear, the best is still yet to come!


Alex said...

Excellent subject matter. Your hit count must be going through the roof now!

Kat said...

So wonderful!!!

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Lovely pictures!