Thursday, June 6, 2013

And the Mom of the Year Award goes to...

1st place for loosing my child at Six Flags.
Don't be jealous.  With a little work and dedication this may happen for you too.
Here's my story:
Today, my crew met Aunt Mimi and cousins Lorelai and Troy for a fun-filled Six Flags day.
We had a fabulous day, absolutely no lines, cool weather (shocking for June) and it was overcast.
So, barring a little whining and skinned knees from Charlie, nothing could go wrong.
Until the last ride of the day.
The Mindbender.
Melody and Troy were just tall enough to ride it. (Charlie was tall enough too, but being our resident 'fraidy cat, he opted to hang with Aunt Mimi.) They were so excited...their first upside down coaster!
We got up to the front, and I realized that two small children, two bigger children, and me, posed a coaster seating logistics challenge.
It was decided that I would go with Melody and Troy would ride either with Jack or Lorelai.
Jack decided he wanted to only go with Lorelai and that he would sit this ride out and go with her the next time around.
Except the next time around, the littles wanted to go again.
But not together.
So, I tried to have Jack go with either Melody or Troy but no go.  Apparently, Lorelai is is favorite cousin and no one else would do.
He stomped angrily towards the exit to go wait with Aunt Mimi and Charles.
When the ride was over, we walked to the exit where Aunt Mimi and Charlie were waiting.
Without Jack.
We looked all over the place.
Finally, Aunt Mimi sent me along the walk of shame to the Lost Parents booth.
So, I walked (ok ran) over there, trying to keep the rising panic at bay.
And there he was.
Apparently, he had come out of the ride and somehow he and Aunt Mimi missed each other.  He just continued walking up the hill and out of Gotham City and finally sat down on a bench to rest.
Where a lady in a "dress with swirls" on it walked up.  She asked him if he was here with his mom, to which my son responded, "Yeah, she's on the Mindbender and I have an aunt around here somewhere."
(Thanks for throwing me under the bus there, honey.  I'm sure that lovely lady thinks I just dump my kids in Six Flags and go gallivanting off)
She then took him over the the Lost Parents booth.  Where I found him about 10 minutes later.
We went back to the Mindbender where he finally got that ride with Lorelai.
And then we had a discussion about staying at the exit until the other people you are with finish the ride.
The excitement never ends!


Foursons said... Terrifying!!!! So glad he went in the right direction. My stomach is in knots just thinking about it.

Lauren Snellings said...

I think the when teaching Jack the "what to do if you are lost protocol", he must have been talking while you were going over lesson 1: "how to recognize that you are lost." I cannot believe he walked out of Gotham City!! Glad you found him!

Kat said...

Actually it does sound like you get the parent of the year award. Jack handled that really well. He didn't seem upset or concerned. And you found him after a few minutes. Perfect! :)
Glad it all turned out well!

Rachel said...

Oy vey! I would have had a heart attack! Thankful that God reunited you guys (and it sounds like Jack wasn't even phased :)

Chris said... can't live with them, you can't (legally) sell them... :)

I'm glad everything worked out for the best. Don't you love it when your least admirable parental moments are on display for the whole world to see? :)