Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Radioactive Jack

This past weekend we went yurting with five other families from our Sunday school class. Yurting is a lot like camping, except instead of a tent we stay in a yurt. (For the record, I never plan on tent camping. I'm actually not sold on yurting again either.)

Here is the yurt.

The children had a blast. Melody got to hang with her BFF, Ava, as well as a few older girls who fawned all over her. (Yes, she was in princess heaven.)

Here is Little Jack, Ava, Big Jack, and Melody.

This is Addie. Melody and Addie just love each other and stayed together most of the weekend.

Jack got to run around with the older kids, riding bikes and scooters.

We took several walks to the water fall, or water fountain, as Melody calls it.

And let's not forget about the staying up late and eating s'mores.

Since the kids were getting to stay up late, we
gave them all those glow-necklaces and bracelets so it would be easier to see them in the dark.

My kids love those. They love them so much that they insisted on wearing them to bed.

So, late Friday night, we tucked them into the yurt and then walked back outside to where all the adults had their chairs placed, sitting around chatting. After about 15 minutes Alex walked back to the yurt to make sure the kids were asleep.

As expected, they weren't.

Jack was, however, glowing. All over.

Apparently that's what happens when one chews through the glow necklaces and the glow-making agent leaks out.

And now Jack is known as Radioactive Jack.


Mr. Daddy said...

I hope it didn't yurt to do that ROFL.

What a novel concept...sprinkle glow juice all over a kid to keep track of him...Puts a whole new meaning on the term glow bug....LOL

Kelli @ RTSM said...

LOL! One of my boys did that exact same thing on the way home from 4th of July fireworks one year! Those yurts look really cool...and a little better than tents on the hard ground. How far from Atlanta are they?!?

Kelli said...

I can just picture your faces! That is funny (and I'm glad he's OK).

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I have never heard of yurt before - kind of cool. I am not a camper but it has to be better than a tent and hard ground.
Love the glowing story. : )

Jen said...


Totally something that one of my kids would do. :)

Jessica said...

So funny! That looks like my kind of camping! I've never heard of a yurt but it looks pretty neat!

Jennie said...

Too funny! Although, you could have just written the word "yurt" and I'd have laughed - what a goofy word. Kinda like kumquat :)

blueviolet said...

That is such a funny story!!! The yurt looks better than a tent, except for that you're not sold on doing it again, so maybe it's not.

Kmama said...

LOL at Radioactive Jack! What possessed him to chew through it? Boys!

The yurt looks better than tent, which I will never do. But if you say it's not, I'll believe you! ;-)

Foursons said...

Hahaha- as soon as you said they went to bed with those things I knew what would happen. Kids- they're so predictable.

That place looks awesome! I'd love to go camping there!

HeatherOz said...

I am definitely not a fan of camping but that looks kinda fun! The part I have a hard time with is the no toilets and no running water to wash kids' dirty hands! Do tell what you didn't love about the yurt!

Together We Save said...

I love the idea of the yurt... camping but not! Very cool. I camped as a little one but my husband would never. Sounds fun!

Beth said...

So ... is a yurt kind of a cross between a tent and a cabin? My idea of roughing it is a hotel without cable TV but that looks kind of cool! LOL @ the glow juice all over Jack!

New follower. Found you through TST.

Carrie said...

That looks really fun! I've never ever heard of a yurt! What fun memories! Poor Jack...or maybe he thought it was pretty cool! haha! What a sight that would've been! Guess they're non-toxic...I hope!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my gosh...my Model did that in the van and she was speckled and glowing. Too funny. Why do they insist on putting strange things in their mouths? LOL

Ruth Clark said...

Oh my gosh, that is to funny. Yurt camping sounds fun. We are tent campers, beyond getting 5 girls to sleep in a tent, it really isn't that bad.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Wow, yurts. Where did you find them? The only place I know in my state that has them is Torreya State Park well outside of Panama City Beach.

And - ohmygosh -- the glowing child. That happened to my son too! Then he put the leaking glow bracelet on a door handle and it took the paint off!!! So now the glow sticks are played with only under close supervision, just in the event they might POSSIBLY BE TOXIC or something!

Krystyn said...

At least you knew where he was at all times that night, right?

Rachel said...

I'd only be a fan of the yurt (ha ha ha ha) cuz it seems like an easier way to keep the kids corralled. But yurts (ha ha ha ha) sure do look funny... and yurt (ha ha ha ha) sure sounds funny :)

Oh my goodness... that boy cracks me up! We've had the leaking-glow--stick scare too... I think they make them non-toxic because ALL KIDS have an insane need to chew on them! (So where are the pictures??? :)

Thanks for linking up!

Emmy said...

Oh no! Glad it didn't make him sick or something

heidi said...

Oh no!! LOL Yurting sounds interesting. Rob's trying to talk me into tent camping this summer. Um, hello? I'm 6 months pregnant and NOT sleeping on the ground, thankyouverymuch.