Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Things I want to remember...

One of the reasons why I started this blog is to keep a record of all the things I want to remember about my children's childhoods.

Near the top of that list is all the funny, cute, adorable, hilarous, crazy things they say.

They've had some doozies lately...

Melody: My favorite donut is a chocolate blaze.
Jack: I think it's glaze.
Melody: Nope, it's blaze.

Charlie was helping me clean up the kitchen and I told him "thank you".
He responded: You're welcome. What would you do without me?
Me: Yep, what would I do without you?
Charlie: Probably just sit around and look at things.

Melody: Daddy, how big do you think a baby whale is.
Daddy: I'm not really sure but probably bigger than me.
Melody: Oh definitely.

(Alex enters the room wearing a Home Depot t-shirt)
Charlie: Why are you wearing a Walmart shirt?
Jack (yes, he is the child that keeps up all in line): It's a Home Depot shirt.
Charlie: Oh, why are you wearing a Home Depot shirt?
Daddy: Because I work there.
*silence while Charlie looks confused.*
Mommy: Charlie, did you think daddy worked at Walmart?
Charlie: Yes!

Melody, after falling out of her chair onto the floor: I'm ok! Good think I have my head to land on!

Charlie is currently in speech, and while I'm glad we are getting to the root of his speech problem, I am a little sad to see some of his cute word pronouncations go.

A few of my favorites are:
Mel-wee (for Melody, a slight improvement from his first word for his sister, Bubby, still not as cool as what Lauren's kids call her)
Grace-you (thank you)

And lastly:

Melody: Mom, I just love Jesus sooo much I can hardly stand it!

Charlie: I love Jesus more than anything in the world!

Jack (once again, keeping us in line): Please don't forget to pray for me today.  I think it's very important for us always to pray.


Rachel said...

Adorable things to remember!

I'm still cracking up that you would just sit around and look at things according to Charlie :)

Lauren Snellings said...

Someday my grandkids are going to call Melody "Aunt Medalee."