Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring break!

Nothing like a little fun at Resort Mitchell during Spring break.  Which I, incidentially, called Summer vacation the. entire. time.  Apparently I am ready for summer fun!
Lost of outside fun time!

Along with a little gardening
And we topped it all off with the first jumping wall jump of the season!
Summer, hurry up and get here!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A camping we will go, a camping we will go...

Well, not me, of course, but the boys did!

Alex, Jack, and Charlie headed down to Dothan, Alabama for an action packed three days with two other dads and their boys.

There was tent sleeping

gun shootin'

Weenie dog roastin'

S'more makin'


and fish fryin'

Sounds like the perfect weekend.

(Well, not to me, of course! Melody and I enjoyed some time together doing much more lady-like activies such as pedicures and sleepovers.)

Since it was up to Alex to take pictures, I hardly have any.


Here's Charlie with a fish he caught all. by. himself.  He is quite proud of the fisherman he has turned out to be.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't stop it...just re-direct it

A few weeks ago, this article was blowing up Facebook like crazy, generating comments of all kinds.

A friend brought it up again at a get together earlier this week, spurring a conversation about over achieving parents.

I know the parent they are referring to.  You probably do to. Heck, maybe you are that parent!

Are you: the parent who volunteers not only to help but to organize every class party, the parent who swipes half the secret reader spots for the year in the first 5 minutes of parent orientation night, or the parent who has been a room mom every single year in every single of her children's classes?

Do people ask if you homeschool since you are constantly with your children?

If this is pointed out to the parent, responses are usually along the lines of

"well, I just really like to be involved"


"I have so much time, I just have to give back!"


"if I don't do it, who will?"  (I always want to say, "well, if you don't do it, we'll never know.)

As I reflected back on this article and the conversation, a few new thoughts came to my mind.

It's not bad, perse, what these over achieving moms are doing.  It's just too much.  Seriously, we don't need to celebrate Ninja Day or Mole Day or Harry Potter Day.

But even celebration of holidays (St. Patty's day) or milestone days (100th Day of School) aren't too much overall, it's just too much concentrated in one area (namely, the overachieving parent's child and classmates).

If all this "help" could be despersed out a little, would that be such a welcome benefit to others in the community.

For example, a mom who has attended every party so far for the year, really wants to attend her son's Easter party.  She has a great cookie receipe she'd love to make and a fun craft idea.

(So, she signs up, while the other parents are talking about her behind her back secretly thinking "ugh, seriously, she signed up again!?!)

Wouldn't it be great, though, if instead of signing up for her child's party, she gives the other parents a chance to sign up


then volunteers her baking talents at a local, undersprivleged school.  I don't know of a single elementary school teacher, especially one in a Title 1 (as we call them in GA) school that would turn her down if she asked to bring cookies by for a class.  Or offered to read to the class.  Or offered prizes for an empty goodie box (instead of stuffing things into her child's already overflowing classroom goodie box). 

(I promise you that, if you make cookies for someone other than your child and his/her classmates, your child will not suffer premanent damage.  Believe me.  Many, many times I have made things, with my children's help, and given them to others without even saving one for ourselves.  My children have lived through it.  They are even thriving.  Shocking,  I know.)

Volunteering is not limited to only your children's classrooms.  Or even your children's schools.  And the sad truth of the matter is that, for every school brimming with over-achieving parents, there are way more with parents who, for whatever reason, can't or aren't involved.

Our preschool is wonderful and we have so many parents who want to give their time and talents.  How much better would our community be, if some of these were dispersed a little.

I know our preschool and school wouldn't suffer from lack of help.

In fact, some children probaby want a break from their parents. 

And I think there's the potential for a lot of community benefit as well.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Powells!
We celebrated Easter a lot this week. 
I visited Melody's class and made ressurection rolls and stain glass crosses. 
I intended on taking pictures but, as it turns out, 14 excited kindergarteners is a lot of comotion and choas and it was all I could do to get the rolls and crosses made. Forget about walking around with a camera!
I also visited Jack's class and made ressurection rolls and read this book.  If you haven't read it, I thoroughly recommend it.
I intended on taking pictures there too.  Surprisingly, 3rd graders also create a lot of comotion.
We participated in our church's annual Easter egg hunt.
I know what you're thinking.  But no, the hunt was not at Prince Charming's castle.  Just at a park for us commoners.   
I love this picture.  Charlie and his friends.  The girls are in their beautiful fancy dresses complete with their babs. And there's Charlie.  In his soccer uniform.  Unlike Melody, he would qualify as a commoner.
We made bunny cupcakes for some neighbors and friends.  And kept a few for ourselves as well.

 Melody has some mad cupcake decorating skills.  She decorated these bunnies all by herself! 
We painted and dyed eggs.
We made more ressurection rolls.  And this time I did get a picture!
We got Easter baskets
We went to church and then out to brunch with friends.
We stopped and smelled the flowers.
And we attempted a few family pictures. (In case you are wondering, Melody is "posing", Charlie is being a bunny, and Jack wanted to make sure I was able to get the flowers in the picture.)
With this crew, it's easy to get some goofy ones.  The goofiness is apparently inherited from someone...
And we tried for some sweet ones too.  Of course, Charlie just prefers to be goofy. 
 Alleiuia! He is risen!