Thursday, August 25, 2011


My husband and I have been married for 10 years today.  A decade.

I remember when we had our first anniversary and I felt like 1 year was a long time!  Hopefully, in 40 years, we will be celebrating somewhere remembering back to when we thought 10 years was a long time.

The first song on the slideshow (Songbird by Eva Cassidy) was our first dance at our wedding.  I just liked the second (Something that We Do by Clint Black). I actually almost picked Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without You but realized my mother would flip if I paid tribute to my marriage with a song containing the word 'suck'.

This video encompasses the last 10 years of our lives together. It's a little long, but well, 10 years is a long time.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh, wait...what was I supposed to do?

That is the phrase I hear from Melody about 30 seconds after I tell her to do something.  That is if she even remembers I told her to do something.

Distraction.  All. The. Time.

Yes, I know she's absolutely adorable.  (Who can resist this sweet face?)

But cuteness can only take you so far.

And now something has to be done.

Here's the backstory:
For a while (read: the majority of her life to date) Melody has struggled with transitions.  Even when the transitions were in her favor (such as going to play a game with Mommy) there was a brief (but painful to the ears) high pitched whining sound, sometimes followed by a hand-to-the-forehead swoon or something equally dramatic, large tears rolling down her face as she proclaimed something to the effect of, "But whyyyyy must I play with you, Mommy, oh why oh why!"
You get the idea.
I spent a considerable about of time working on this with her. We practiced appropriate responses, I learned that she works best with (multiple) warnings of the pending change, etc.
And low and behold our transitional outburts are now few and far between!


it seems we've traded one issue in for another.

While Melody is now (mostly) happy to follow through with any command, she can only rememeber what it is she's supposed to do for about 2.5 seconds.  And forget multiple step directions.  She doesn't have a prayer there.

I know that we all have different parenting ideas as to what is a reasonable expectation, etc.  However, we believe it's reasonable to expect a 4.5 year old to follow through with simple tasks...such as flushing the toilet.  And taking off her clothes, putting in the hamper, and changing into her pajamas.  I frequently find the clothes on the floor while Melody is running around nekkid oblivious to the fact that there was a follow through necessary for the task at hand.

I would welcome any suggestions, tips, tricks, etc, that will help her to remember what it is she supposed to be doing.  Something that will encourage her and help her stay focused and on task.

Who am I kidding...I'm begging for suggestions! 

Seriously, if I leave the house one more time and realize that Melody has yet again forgotten her shoes, you might see me on the evening news.  I'm just sayin'.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My handsome boy...

on the first day of 2nd grade!!

Upon first look, it might seem like I took both pictures today.  But this second picture is last year's picture; the first day of 1st grade.  If you look closely, you can tell what a difference a year has made.

Happy first-day-of-school, Jack! I hope you have a wonderful year!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

7+ years

7+ years.

You are all probably wondering what I'm referring to.

That is the number of years I've been changing diapers on a daily basis.  (Unless, of course, I was with my mom, and then she did the diaper changing.  I owe her big for that!)

But, it has currently been exactly two weeks and two days since I have changed a diaper.

Beacuse this little boy became a big boy over night and is now potty trained!!

When I decided to bite the bullet and train him a few weeks ago, (he is almost three for goodness sake!) my mom and husband had some serious doubts of his readiness. 

He sure did show them! I'm happy to say he was my easiest trainer.

Great job, sweet Charles, we are SO proud of you!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bright and shiney things

Melody loves all bright and shiney things so I knew it was only a matter of time before she would want...her ears pierced!

She has been asking for a few weeks. I was ready for her to do it. Alex wasn't so sure. Melody and I discussed it and determined that ear piercing is really a girls' decision though. So, while at the beach last week, we decided to take advantage of a rainy morning and get pierced!

Melody was so excited but I knew she didn't really understand what piercing meant.

She could tell something was going on.

I think she thought all was well and good when she got a lollipop.

Then she found out what ear piercing really was!

Fortunately they did both ears at the same time.

I really think she thought the pain was worth it when she saw them!

And a kiss makes everything better!

(All photos courtesy of the talented Pam P3 Powell.)