Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last week I blogged about our beach trip.  While the sand and surf was fun, that wasn't all we did.  We played an exciting game of...putt-putt!

Jack was thrilled when he saw that there was a putt-putt course right outside our room.  He has played a few times and is a self-proclaimed expert.

On Saturday night, after dinner, the four of us decided to tackle the putt-putt course.

This is how our game went:

We spend a lot of time decided what color balls to get. (Yes, much to Melody's dismay, Charlie also insisted on a pink ball.)

Jack announced to everyone else on the course that he was a putt-putt expert.  After all, he has played before.  Twice.

Charlie misunderstood the purpose of the game and just ran around grabbing balls.

This prompted me to repeatedly yell out, "Charlie, stop grabbing other people's balls!"  Fortunately, that provided amusment to the other families playing putt-putt in a more calm manner.
Melody wanted me to help her with each wack of the club.  This provided ample time for Charlie to continue is ball-stealing spree.

Jack continued to show off his "expert skills" by louding proclaiming all he knew about putt-putt, water hazards, bunkers, putt-putt compared to real golf...
You get the idea.

Finally, we finished.

 (I know you are all going to say how adorable Melody's outfit is and, yes, I agree.  It's a creation by my friend, Sherry, who designs all kind of adorable children's clothes and accessories.  Visit her here...and she's having free shipping until July 1!)

And what's a game of putt-putt without ice cream afterwards? (I told Melody and Charlie to take off their shirs since ice cream sandwiches and white don't really mix, and Charlie decided just to strip all the way down.  Literally.  I stopped the diaper removal just in time.)

Would you believe that, after all that, I let them talk me into playing again the next day! The sun must have really bleached my brain.

(Who am I kidding...we had a blast, ball stealing and all!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sand, Surf and Fun!

Our summer has been off to a fun start!  After celebrating Jack's 7th birthday, we headed to Destin, FL for a few days.  My dad had a conference there so we went down to mooch off them keep Grammy from getting too bored.

And it was anything but boring!

We immediately started our sea shell hunt

followed by a refreshing dip in the waves

And some of the waves were pretty big!

Jack learned how to boogie-board.  Yes, I taught him.  You probably don't know this but I am an expert boogie-boarder.

And what would a trip to the beach be without a rockin' sand castle!

What fun trips does your family have planned this summer?

Monday, June 6, 2011

I've been hacked!

Or perhaps a more accurate title is: My boys have been hacked!

Or maybe just: My baby boy was hacked!

For the past couple of summers, I've given Jack a short hair cut just to help combat the little boy stink unique scent that tends to accompany boys.  This summer, I was planning on letting it grow longer but he asked to have it short.  So, following his birthday dinner at Orient Express and then dessert at Yoforia, we all went out on the deck to watch the transformation.

He went from this

to this

I, personally, think he looks cute with a buzz cut and he loved it.

Then, completely against my will, my husband decided to hack of my sweet Charlie's beautiful baby locks.  Ok, I might have consented in one brief moment of insanity that I will regret forever.

I admit, he was getting a little shaggy looking.

 And don't even get me started on the sweaty mop that was his head when he would come inside from playing.

But I just wasn't ready for my little baby boy to go from this

to this!

Sigh.  At least they are both happy.

even though I feel like this.

(Alex took this right after the first few locks were shorn, which is why his head still looks funny.)

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Saturday, June 4, 2011


It doesn't feel possible that's it's been seven years that this little guy has been with us.

(Jack, his first Father's Day, two weeks old)

I remember feeling that the first year just flew by...and it seems they've gone by faster and faster ever since.

Jack's been a big brother...


He loves school...and was actually sad for summer vacation to arrive! (He's since gotten over that!)

(First day of 1st grade)

He loves to run and play and would do that all day (If he's not wanting to do school work, of course.)

 He's an Auburn Tiger through and through and fully expects to be the quarterback one day. 

Yep, he's pretty much the coolest kid I know!